Bomb Threat At DPS Mathura Road Creates Panic

Bomb threat received at Delhi Public School Mathura Road prompts parents to rush to remove children

The bomb threat was sent early on Wednesday morning to Delhi Public School on Mathura Road. Through email, information about a bombing was received.

News of a bomb in school

An early Wednesday morning bomb threat was made to Delhi Public School, Mathura Road. Emails were used to receive notifications that a bomb had been detonated inside the school.

Soon after the news spread, there was panic on campus, and parents hurried to the building to remove their kids.

A probe into the situation is being conducted.

DCP South East: There was nothing unusual discovered on the school campus.
Rajesh Deo, the DCP for South and Southeast, claims that there is no threat because no suspicious items have yet been discovered on the school campus. Everything is as it should be.

School buildings are being sanitized by the Bomb Disposal Squad, Dog Squad, and SWAT team

Bomb threats were also made against the Indian School in Delhi
After receiving a bomb threat via email on April 12, the Indian School in Delhi’s Sadiq Nagar was forced to close. When the bomb detection and disposal team got there, they thoroughly searched the school’s campus.

The police claim that a bomb threat was sent via email to the Indian School in Sadiq Nagar. The school was shut down as a safety measure. Additional information was provided by the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad.

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