Dunki Enters 200 Crore Club On 13th Day of Release

Once again, Shah Rukh Khan has achieved the feat of entering the 200 crore club with his film Dunki at the box office, despite experiencing a decline on the second Tuesday. Dunki successfully reached the 200 Crore Club on its 13th day in theaters, securing an additional 4.16 crores on Tuesday. This reflects a significant drop of over 50% compared to Monday’s collection of 10.85 crores.

Even in comparison to Friday’s earnings of 7 crores, the decline is noteworthy. However, this was anticipated as the film concluded a 12-day extended holiday period that included weekends and partial holidays.

During this period, the Shah Rukh Khan starrer garnered the majority of its business. The focus now is on maximizing earnings in the upcoming days, aiming to approach the 210 crore mark before the start of the third week. The social drama directed by Rajkumar Hirani has currently grossed 203.08 crores, surpassing the lifetime collections of 3 Idiots (202 crores), although it’s acknowledged that the latter was released many years ago, and its value would be higher in today’s context. Ultimately, Dunki is expected to settle as the filmmaker’s third highest-grossing film after Sanju and PK.

Please note that these box office figures are based on estimates and various sources, and they have not been independently verified by Panchayiti.

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