PM Modi In Sandeshkhali West Bengal : Attacks Mamata Govt For Protecting The Accused

The Prime Minister accused the Bengal government of exerting its full force to protect a “culprit,” seemingly referring to Sheikh Shahjahan of Sandeshkhali. Expressing outrage, he stated that the storm originating in Sandeshkhali would not be confined to the island but would spread throughout West Bengal. Criticizing the Mamata Banerjee government for its handling of the situation, he reiterated that the government is using its power to shield a wrongdoer.

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Switching to Bengali during a rally in Barasat, the Prime Minister proclaimed the BJP’s rallying cry, “Ei baar, 400 paar, NDA sarkar, 400 paar.” Prior to the Barasat event, he inaugurated new Kolkata Metro routes and engaged with schoolgoers during a ride, emphasizing the government’s commitment to modernizing public transport.

PM Modi In Sandeshkhali West Bengal

PM Modi In Sandeshkhali West Bengal

Reflecting on the development of Kolkata Metro, the Prime Minister highlighted the BJP’s efforts, contrasting the expansion under their governance with the preceding 40 years. He emphasized the government’s dedication to the development of Bengal and the nation.

Addressing the Opposition’s INDIA alliance, he claimed that they fear the BJP’s return to power, leading them to resort to personal attacks against him. Dismissing criticisms about his family, he asserted that the people of India, particularly the women of Bengal, form his extended family.

Citing the suffering of women under the Trinamool rule, especially in Sandeshkhali, the Prime Minister accused the government of protecting wrongdoers. He mentioned the ongoing custody dispute between Bengal police and the CBI over Sheikh Shahjahan, highlighting the Calcutta High Court’s directive and the state government’s resistance.

Describing the Mamata Banerjee government as “anti-women,” the Prime Minister asserted that various women-centric welfare schemes remain unimplemented in Bengal. He also met with women from Sandeshkhali after a public meeting, listening to their accounts of hardship and expressing empathy.

In the aftermath of the Sandeshkhali controversy, political tensions in West Bengal have reached a boiling point, with accusations and counter-accusations flying between the ruling Trinamool Congress and the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The issue has sparked debates across the state, polarizing opinions and galvanizing public sentiment.

As the political drama unfolds, civil society organizations and human rights activists have intensified their scrutiny of the events in Sandeshkhali. They have called for a transparent investigation into the allegations of sexual harassment, land grabbing, and extortion leveled against Sheikh Shahjahan and his associates. Many are demanding justice for the victims and accountability for those responsible for perpetrating such crimes.

Moreover, the Sandeshkhali incident has reignited discussions about women’s safety and empowerment in West Bengal. It has highlighted the challenges faced by women in rural areas and underscored the need for robust mechanisms to address gender-based violence and discrimination.

In response to mounting pressure, the state government has reiterated its commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring justice for all. However, questions persist about the government’s handling of the case and its willingness to cooperate with central investigative agencies.

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