Animal Trailer Dropped : Ranbir Kapoor Will Scare The Hell Out Of You

The anticipation for Ranbir Kapoor’s upcoming film, “Animal,” has left fans and cinephiles eagerly awaiting its release. T-Series unveiled the three-minute and 32-second trailer with much fanfare on Thursday. The trailer opens with an intense scene featuring Anil Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor.

In this pivotal moment, Ranbir’s character prompts his father (played by Anil Kapoor) to reverse roles, urging him to recall a childhood desire to attend a Micheal Jackson concert. He reveals that he missed the concert on his father’s birthday. The trailer then transitions to a flashback, providing viewers with a glimpse into the complex relationship between the protagonist and his father.

Animal Trailer Dropped : Ranbir Kapoor Will Scare The Hell Out Of You

Animal Trailer Dropped : Ranbir Kapoor Will Scare The Hell Out Of You

Following the flashback, the trailer unveils a confrontation between Ranbir Kapoor and Rashmika Mandanna. It showcases the son’s journey as he inherits his father’s influence and seeks revenge against those responsible for his father’s shooting.

The release of the film’s trailer prompted movie enthusiasts to express their excitement on social media platforms. Renowned filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani praised Ranbir Kapoor’s performance, describing it as career-defining based on the trailer. He highlighted the exceptional editing and Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s distinctive touch, expressing high expectations for the film.

Film critic and trade analyst Sumit Kadel also lauded the “Animal” trailer, predicting its potential to cause a box office sensation. He emphasized the film’s blend of mass appeal, class, and drama, noting Ranbir Kapoor’s compelling portrayal as a cerebral assassin. Kadel expressed confidence in the film’s success, proclaiming “carnage at the box office guaranteed” and acknowledging Bobby Deol’s formidable presence.

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