Chat GPT vs Google Bard : Tech War

You have heard of and used ChatGPT a lot. Well, guess what? There is intense competition in the market. The two tech giants, Google and Microsoft, are at war again after Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s announcement that his company is about to launch Bard chatbot.

As soon as Sundar Pichai made this announcement, the Microsoft-backed ChatGPT days are now over. But wait. How would you know if it is over or not? How do you anticipate that Bard will barge into the market and ChatGPT will be long gone?

Though Google will be releasing Bard as a practical step, an experiment available only for trusted users, you must know some fundamental differences between ChatGPT and Bard to observe and pass your judgement on the product.

Why Is The Comparison between ChatGPT And Bard Raising?

ChatGPT and Bard, two of the only potential chatbots, are now at war. The debate of which is better is there since they are derived from globally recognised tech companies. However, many things matter when deciding which one is better. Although the real war between Google and Microsoft started with the announcement, consumers have yet to see what Bard offers. That may be when the final result will be more evident than now.

Why Is ChatGPT A Great Deal for Microsoft?

ChatGPT was launched in November 2021. Although OpenAI has created ChatGPT and talked about its skills and impact on daily life, Microsoft has always supported its usage. However, with the announcement of Bard, Microsoft is now in a newly-created conflict with Google.

However, Google has been working on Bard for the past six years, and now the tool is set to be available for the public amidst all the conflict.

The Difference in Language Model

Though there has been a conflict between Bard and ChatGPT, these two chatbots are run on two different language models. It is the fundamental difference between these two chatbots.

While Google Bard uses Google’s language model LaMDA or Dialogue Application, ChatGPT uses GPT-3 language model. The GPT-3 acts as a transformer which Google created in 2017.

The Difference in Deriving Information Makes All The Difference

The significant difference between ChatGPT and Bard is how these two tools derive the information.

ChatGPT can access information from the data it has been trained on. But Bard, on the contrary, derives all its information directly from the Internet. Both of these have advantages and disadvantages. For example, while ChatGPT accesses information from the existing data, its knowledge could be improved. In addition, since its data was updated in 2021, the user may still need the updated information.

While with Bard, the users do not have to face this situation. However, it has yet to be free from all sorts of problems. Since Bard derives information from the Internet on a real-time basis, it cannot avoid the various misinformation spread here. Also, the Internet does not have censorship, enhancing the problem even more.

Which One Is Better?
As of now, Bard is yet to be publicly available. So, it is hard to tell. But ChatGPT and Bard both depend on the Google transformer technology. Although Google has not commented on the amount of knowledge Bard provides to the users, it has mentioned several LaMDA features from the previous year. So, it is yet to be seen which one works better.


The two tech titans, Google and Microsoft, are debating which is better: ChatGPT or Google’s Bard. Of course, ChatGPT has been here for public use for more than a year. Compared to that, Bard has not yet made its appearance. But since both are chatbot tools and their main agenda is to provide information, we believe the best information provider will win the battle. However, the outcome is yet to come out once Bard makes its first appearance.

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