Drishyam 2 : Worth Watching ?

Vijay Salgaonkar , a fourth pass, ordinary cable operator failed the entire Goal police department to solve the mystery of where he and his family was on 2nd and 3rd Oct of year 2014. Now a new IG has joined Goa police who tries to resolve the case.

Let’s Review This Already Hit Movie

Directed by – Abhishek Pathak
Written by – Jeethu Joseph, Aamil Keeyan Khan, Abhishek Pathak
Starring – Ajay Devgan, Tabu, Akshaye Khanna, Kamlesh Sawant, Rajat Kapoor, Shriya Saran, Ishita Dutta

Movie continues the cat and mouse chase that started in 2015 with first movie Drishyam.

Background from Drishyam 1
Vijay Salgaonkar is a simple ordinary man who lives in Goa with his wife Nandini and two daughters Anju and Anu.
Vijay loves to watch movies and dreams to start his own theater in Goa. Everything was going fine until a boy ‘Sameer Deshmukh’ met Anju in a nature camp. On this trip, Sameer shot a video of Anju removing her clothes and taking shower in bathroom by a hidden cam.
Using this, Sameer blackmails Anju for sexual favours. One day, Sameer came to their house to meet Anju but her mother Nandini was present as well for talking this out with him. They pleaded Sameer to delete the video clip and leave their family alone but he denied.
Nandini tries to forcefully take the phone and in this tussle by mistake Anju hit Sameer with rod on his head. This hit kills Sameer in spot.
Nandini and Anju tells everything to Vijay. Vijay makes a plan to dispose the body and every connected evidence to protect his family from being suspected by the police.
Sameet happens to be son of Goa police IG Meera Deshmukh. When Sameer doesn’t return for few days then Meera asks to trace him. Gradually it is found that Sameer last talked to Anju via his cell phone.
On the basis of this and few more clues, whole family of Vijay is interrogated, but nobody stirs away from their framed statements.
Long story short, police failed to prove that Vijay and his family killed Sameer. Assuming that Sameer is dead, Meera and her husband Mahesh moves to London with the thought of never returning back.

Drishyam 2 Review

Drishyam 2 Review

Cut to 2022
Vijay is a successful theater owner now. He is in progress to produce a movie. His kids have grown up and life is going as usual, at least that’s what it seems to be from outside. But the whole incident is buried deep within every family member and it is eating them away, especially Anju and Nandini.
Due to this Anju started getting epilepsy attacks. Nandini who is not able to contain this secret started sharing everything with neighbor Jenny, considering Jenny as her confidante.
Though this movie is out since long but we will still not give any spoilers.
The new IG Tarun Ahlawat got some proofs to make the case against family. But Vijay is a clever man. He was also proactively planning for years. He wrote a book as well and that is also connected to his master plan. Unlike last time, Vijay makes the whole plan and executed it without informing anything to his family. Rest you can see the movie on how his plan turns out to be.

Start of the movie connects very well with the last story , where 7 years ago a guy named David who himself was trying to escape from police after committing a murder. He saw Vijay emerging from the crime spot.
But the first half of movie progresses slowly to showcase how Vijay and his family are back to their normal life but personally no one is feeling normal, plot pieces both from police as well as Vijay’s side. Also, some parts will seem to be similar with the first movie.
Story becomes interesting once IG Tarun Ahlawat comes in and then all plot points are revealed. Another reason that will keep you interested is that movie driven logically.
The last part of the climax is a bit light, meaning you might feel wanting more at the end.

Iconic Characters

Vijay Salgaonkar
Ajay Devgan has done complete justice to this character. You can see him as a friendly simple man but with dangerous depths and guts. This makes him to take all the risks. But at the same time he is very clever and tactfully set all his pieces.

Nandini Salgaonkar
Shriya Saran convincingly showcases that how such a shockingly big incident scares a simple housewife to her core. She looks at every person around her with doubt and chokes up in pressure situation. She is in constant terror that one day everything will be revealed and police is going to arrest the whole family

Tarun Ahlawat
It was nice to see Akshaye Khanna back. He comfortably showcased Tarun looks like a lean personality but he is tough and unforgiving, with one objective that is to see Vijay and his family behind bars. He thinks that if Vijay is not going to compromise for his family then why should police compromise to give justice.

Rest of the characters were on screen for small duration, but were able to do justice with special mention to ‘Kamlesh Sawant’ as Inspector Gaitonde.

You will definitely enjoy the movie, just bear through the first half. Overall movie progress logically and everything is presented intelligently. If you have watched Drishyam and it is worthy to watch Drishyam 2.

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