Make The Most Of Your 2023 Resolutions

Another year is here. Welcome 2023. Everyone’s resolution must be out of their pockets by now. For those who have taken first step to fulfill their resolution: kudos, congratulations. You are halfway through, to complete rest half just keep the consistency. For those who have not started work: Buckle up and take the first step, time is not going to wait for you.
Every time when a new year starts, we feel like let’s get a clean slate and start fresh. Once this idea kicks in, there is an excitement of what all we can achieve in 365 days, if we work every day. But in this excitement into a field which I call ‘Reality Distortion’. In this field, we consider ourselves as overachievers. We feel that we will start at 100 km/h and drive constantly as same pace for the whole year (telling this from personal experience). So here is a list of key elements that you need to keep in mind while finalizing your list of resolutions. I hope it helps, motivates and at the same time keep your feet on ground.

1. Be Real and speak truth to yourself
As mentioned, we think that we will wake up on 1st Jan and start working at a unrealistic pace as if we are meant to create history. If you are in this zone, then please understand that you are not completely true to yourself. Take an example, you are overweight and decides to get fit. You joined gym. Can you start lifting 50 or 100 kg weight from the first day. Most probably ‘No’. Your trainer will see the level that you are on and set a proper pace for you. Gradually from there trainer will keep on increasing the pace. So, it is important to be real and true to yourself because achieving dream or vision is a journey not a one-day spree.

2. Be consistent
Consistency is the key to finish any initiative that you start. It doesn’t matter that you progress by 1% or 10% or 99% in a day, what matters is that you put a consistent effort every day. Realistically there will always be days when you can do more or less than set limit. It’s okay, just continue the work.

3. Set Small Goals
Achieving something which is big and entices you is possible only when you set small goals and with consistent efforts achieve the set goals. See, this blog is for masses like me who are finding their way through life. You cannot earn a billion dollars or have a six-pack physic in a single day. It takes time and can be achieved only by setting small goals.

4. Give a timeline to your goal
This is the trickiest one. What if I gave deadline to achieve a goal and on that set date I failed. This is the most common thought that directs us in one of the two directions: Either we just create a big dream and keep dreaming or we stop working at all. Interestingly when we are thinking about setting a goal, we tend to think only about the result or output rather than thinking about the ground work which needs to be put in to achieve that goal. So even when you set a small goal, then break it further to identify ground work required. You are halfway through if ground work is identified, rest halfway can be achieved by just doing the required work. Now on set deadline if you are lagging, that means next time you have to adjust the deadline or the set goal. Or if you are ahead, it will help you in understanding that more ground work can be picked next time.

5. Perfection is an illusion
Confused! This seems counter-intuitive. This is one of the most important elements in today’s technologically driven world. Now a days it is easy to have a peek in anyone’s life, and that drowns us into this whole world of misunderstandings that person next door is perfect, and I am not. Perfection is an illusion and therefore unattainable. Perfection is a subjective ideology which can differ from person to person, but we can work to improve our skills every day.

Okay, so is here was the list of some nuts and bolts that you can take away while fixing your resolutions. So, dream big, but then do the required work consistently to achieve that dream. It’s okay if sometimes you lag. Just don’t stop, keep going.

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Make The Most Of Your 2023 Resolutions

Make The Most Of Your 2023 Resolutions

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