Happy Birthday To 2 Geniuses, Mani Ratnam and Ilaiyaraaja

Wishing Mani Ratnam and Ilaiyaraaja, two treasures of the Indian film industry, a happy birthday!

They collaborated on Ten films.


Both prominent figures in South Indian cinema, director Mani Ratnam and composer Ilaiyaraja, celebrate their birthdays on June 2. Mani Ratnam was born in 1956, while Ilaiyaraaja was born in 1953. They collaborated on Ten films, starting with the director’s debut Pallavi Anu Pallavi (1983), and concluding with Thalapathi, after which Mani Ratnam started collaborating with AR Rahman on Roja (1992) as his debut score.

Let’s have a look at all 10 of the films Mani Ratnam and Ilaiyaraaja have collaborated on as we celebrate their birthdays.

Pallavi Anu Pallavi (1983)
In this Kannada-language movie starring Anil Kapoor, a man struggles with his feelings for both his girlfriend Madhu and an older, married woman. Play the moving Naguva Nayana track from the movie.

Unaroo (1984)
The founding of a competing factory is supported by workers who rebel against their union leaders. An iconic song from the movie is Theeram Thedi Olam Padi.

Pagal Nilavu (1985)
In this captivating film, Selvam (Murali) joins the gang of mafia don Devarajan but develops feelings for Jyothi (Revathy), the sister of a police inspector (Sarath Babu). There are many uplifting songs on the soundtrack.

Idaya Kovil (1985)
The story revolves around Shankar (Mohan) and his tragic romances with Gowri (Ambika) and Suriya (Radha).

Mouna Ragam (1986)
After being coerced into marrying Mohan (Chandrakumar), Divya (Revathy) requests a divorce as a wedding present. Mani Ratnam’s first big-budget movie had a lot of successful songs.

Nayakan (1987)
Varadarajan Mudaliar, a gangster from Mumbai, and Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather (1972) served as the inspiration for the film Nayakan. It was awarded three National Film Awards.

Agni Natchathiram (1988)
The competition between two half-brothers and their bond with their father is explored in the movie. The movie’s most memorable song is probably Ninnukori Varanam.

Geethanjali (1989)
Nagarjuna Akkineni plays a dying man who falls in love with Girija Shettar, a courageous young woman. The soundtrack by Ilaiyaraja did the story justice.

Anjali (1990)
Anjali, a three-time National Film Award winner, is a movie about parents who must deal with a child who has mental disabilities.

Thalapathi (1991)
When a district collector (Arvind Swamy) and a gangster (Rajinikanth) find out they share a mother, they are shocked. This cult film featured top-notch performances from Ilaiyaraaja and Mani Ratnam.

The maestros Ilaiyaraaja and Mani Ratnam deserve a heartfelt happy birthday.

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