Heart of Stone Review: The Alia Bhatt and Gal Gadot Netflix movie is a good adventure

Movie Review: Heart of Stone
Director of the Movie: Tom Harper

The cast of the Movie: Alia Bhatt, Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan

Date of release: 11th August

Streaming Platform: Netflix

The First Impression : Heart Of Stone Review

Heart of Stone initially may appear to be an offspring of the two spy thrillers Citadel and Mission Impossible Dead Reckoning Part One. But if one looks closer, it reveals that the genre’s playbook does not remain in stone and might also contain a beating heart.

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Plot of the Movie

There is a universal AI power known as the Heart. It does have a shape and form, unlike The Entity. It remains guarded by the Charter, a global intelligence agency that, like Citadel, operates outside the purview of any nation or intergovernmental body.

The sharing of who is a member of the Charter, who works for whom, and who could get killed will result from knowing who is a member of MI6, the UK’s spy agency, and who operates independently.

Story of the movie

Heart of Stone is a story about women characters, with Gal Gadot playing Rachel Stone, a Wonder Woman-like character, and Alia Bhatt playing Keya Dhawan, a 22-year-old hacker with a resolute motive.

Review of the movie

Rachel Stone is portrayed as a woman who uses her empathy and grit as a weapon of choice, even when it ends up as her Kryptonite. The contest between instinct and action, which Rachel Stone’s character faces in trying to make this distinction, is the primary source of conflict. In many of these instances, particularly in the second half, Alia taps into her innate acting brilliance, finding the perfect balance between being over-the-top in her villainy and doubtful of her nobility.

The film also features a strong sense of sisterhood connecting Rachel and Keya, despite their different nationalities and ages, with conflicting motives. This sisterhood spans Indian, Israeli, Black woman (Rachel’s boss), Asian (Rachel’s fellow MI6 spy), and Glenn Close, a cameo character. The film explores the themes of empathy, instinct, and the importance of balancing one’s desires with the needs of others.

The Final Words

Heart of Stone lacks a script that reads like an algorithm and a compelling plot. The supporting cast is small, and the exotic settings qualify for tax incentives. Gadot’s character is undeveloped, and the action is cliched and implausible. Heart of Stone aims to start a franchise but fails to be a movie worthy of a sequel.

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