Jaipur Literature Festival 2023

The Jaipur Literature Festival, this year termed as the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival due to sponsorship, is an annual literary event held in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. The festival, considered one of the largest literary events in Asia, features a diverse array of authors, poets, and thinkers from around the world, as well as panel discussions, book launches, and other cultural events.

The festival is known for its diverse lineup of speakers, including established and emerging writers, its vibrant atmosphere, and its focus on cultural exchange. The JLF is also known for its commitment to promoting literature and literacy in India. It also promotes its efforts to foster a love of reading among young people. The JLF is free and open to the public and is held in January every year.

Jaipur Literature Festival 2023

Jaipur Literature Festival 2023

The Fest happens over five days and connects the world’s most eminent writers and journalists. It’s a center point for similar people to interface and trade thoughts. Guests from varying backgrounds, including travelers, go to the Jaipur Writing Fest to hear featured addresses by antiquarians, lawmakers, business magnets, sports figures, performers, etc. The occasion is liberated from cost, yet pre-enrollment is required. Acquiring free tickets is straightforward and should be possible on the web.

Jaipur Literature Fest Through The Years

The festival was first held in 2006 and has since grown to become one of the most highly-anticipated literary events in the world, attracting thousands of attendees each year. The festival is known for its lively and dynamic atmosphere and commitment to promoting literary culture and fostering a sense of community among authors, readers, and other literary enthusiasts.

The celebration went differently in 2015 when it happened in Colorado in the U.S. and Southbank, London. The JLF has made considerable progress from its unassuming starting points to turn into the world’s greatest free abstract fest.

Jaipur Literature Fest 2023

In 2023, the festival held from January 19 to January 23. The festival featured a wide range of authors, poets, and thinkers from around the world, including well-known figures such as Jhumpa Lahiri, Margaret Atwood and others as well as various other rising stars in the literary world.

One of the key highlights of the festival was the diverse range of planned sessions and events, covering a wide range of topics, including literature, politics, culture, history, and more. Attendees got a chance to hear from authors and experts on various subjects, including the future of literature, the role of literature in society, and the impact of technology on the literary world.

The festival also included several interactive sessions and workshops, such as poetry readings, book launches, panel discussions, and cultural events, such as music and dance performances. This allowed attendees to engage with authors and other literary figures in a more intimate setting and to gain a deeper understanding of their work and ideas.

Another important aspect of the festival is its commitment to promoting literary culture and fostering a sense of community among authors, readers, and other literary enthusiasts. The festival provides a platform for authors and readers to connect and engage with each other and share their ideas and experiences.

The main day of the celebration (January 19) saw the Indian-American economist and author Eswar Prasad in discussion with geostrategic issues master and creator of Negotiating the New Normal, Saurav Jha, in an eponymous meeting. The discussion had an expansive breadth and covered a lot of financial and socio-political changes across the globe. Prasad talked about his work, particularly his 2021 book, The Future of Money: How the Advanced Upset is Changing Monetary Standards and Money.

Both in the book and at the board, Prasad talked about the groundbreaking force of advanced monetary standards — yet additionally communicated dissatisfaction about how digital forms of money (like Bitcoin) have been utilized. As per Prasad, if the upsides of Bitcoin et al. keep on plunging, a critical number of financial backers should sell their property of U.S. Depository protections, affecting the U.S. securities market and the economy overall.

Venue of Jaipur Literature Fest

The five-day Jaipur Writing Fest held at Inn Clarks Amer in Jaipur, Rajasthan. No declaration has been made public so far regarding the occasion’s particulars.

The 2023 JLF will include the following:

● Vijayan Detha, Rajasthani folklorist
● Munshi Premchand Ke Phate Joote
● Sonali Bendre’s Book Club
● The Japanese idea of Ikigai
● The Kathasaritsagara
● Meeting ladies essayists from northeast India
● Worldwide Poetry

Speakers of Jaipur Literature Fest

The list of Speakers at the Jaipur Writing Fest includes many eminent speakers and subject matter experts, some of them are:

● Anamika, Sahitya Akademi awardee and Hindi poetess, author, and interpreter of Aienasaaz
● Anthony Sattin, the creator of Nomads: The Wanderers who Shaped Our World
● Bernardine Evaristo, the primary blended race lady writer and Booker Prize winner for a girl, Lady, Other
● Deepti Maritime, Indian entertainer, author, and chief
● Rana Safvi, blogger, Indian author, and translator
● Ruth Ozeki, movie producer, Booker-designated American-Canadian writer, and Harmony Buddhist priest
● Vir Sanghvi, an Indian journalist

Jaipur Writing Celebration 2023 is scheduled to highlight more than 250 speakers in five areas. Themed craftsmanship establishments, far-reaching developments, and the Jaipur Music Stage will work paired with the celebration to give an imaginative drawing to the foundation. The point is to advance old-style Indian history and give an optimal setting for scholarly discussions and conversations during the celebration.

With a developing standing as a power to deal with social trades among India and the rest of the globe, the JLF is set to remain and will fill in importance and degree as time passes.


The Jaipur Literature Festival 2023 was an exciting and engaging event with something for everyone. Whether you’re a dedicated literature fan or simply looking for an interesting and enlightening experience, the festival is sure to offer something of interest.

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