“Kaala” review: Focus of Avinash Tiwary’s show is on shoddy thrills

Web series review: Kaala

Director of the series
Bejoy Nambiar

The cast of the series
Avinash Tiwary, Hiten Tejwani, Mita Vashisht, Nivetha Pethuraj, Rohan Vinod Mehra, Taher Shabbir

Where to watch
Disney+ Hotstar

Release date
September 15

First Impression
It’s not like there haven’t been any previous attempts at money laundering scams. A group of people have always found this genre appealing, and it rarely goes out of style. Dark thrillers are something else that filmmaker Bejoy Nambiar attempted before. Some were prosperous, and some weren’t.

Plot of the series
According to the narrative, IB officer Ritwik and his step-sister Aaloka flee after Ritwik seems wrongfully implicated in a hawala operation. He has a mission to follow the treacherous path of hawala money from Kolkata to a hidden tunnel at the Bangladesh-India border. Ritwik learns the truth about his father and the 30-year-old revenge saga as the past unravels at a breakneck pace.

Review of the series
‘Kaala’ has parallels and the same dark monotone as every other Nambiar movie or television show. Without wasting time, you fall into the chaotic world of fraud, money laundering, accusations, and blood. The show is too frantic and intertwined, so it might not qualify as a good time pass. You must pay close attention to the characters’ names and plot twists.

Typically, the first episode of a series is the most significant. That builds a strong foundation for the remainder. The meat is in “Kaala,” but not in the proper quantities or arrangements. Fragments can occasionally seem to appear out of nowhere because it is not well-spaced. You might also need to pause, rewind, and follow at specific points.

The gravity feels forced rather than naturally spiraling out, and the dark monotone sounds heavy. Bejoy Nambiar, the director, is well-known for projects like “Shaitan,” “David,” “Wazir,” “The Fame Game,” and others. But it’s safe to say that ‘Kaala’ might not rank among his best creations. Even though he did pretty well, we know he can do better.

Performances of the actors
# One of ‘Kaala’s’ few redeeming qualities is Avinash Tiwary as Ritwik. His persona seems genuine and has the perfect number of nuances. Well, nearly. He already has a solid reputation as a performer and dominates the series.

# The actor who portrays Shubendu Mukherjee, Rohan Vinod Mehra, is now recognized. One of the main characters who moves the plot forward, his role is demanding and substantial.

# The “recycling king of India,” Naman Arya, played by Taher Shabbir, makes quite an impression. You can tell a bad guy has done his job well if you can bring yourself to hate him for the part he is playing.

# The surprise performer and yet another excellent casting decision is Hiten Tejwani. He adopts the persona of his character and once again demonstrates why he is among the best.

Final words
‘Kaala’ will occasionally be difficult for you to follow, and at different times, it appears filled with excessively stressful circumstances and psychological turns. Thrillers don’t always have to be serious, but a little break from all the “darkness” might have been good for the narrative.

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