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The Charming and Divine Lucky Ali

For most people, music is everything from time travel to a soothing partner. Music soothes us and takes us to a different world altogether. Science has also agreed that music acts as a tranquilizer for the mind. India has some of the most talented musicians and music. If you check best forms of music are found in India. It brings us some incredible gems in the country.

One of them is our favorite, Lucky Ali. Lucky Ali is known for his incredible ballads, soothing music, and acting. Lucky Ali has given a lot of soundtracks for Bollywood movies and has composed a lot of albums.

Until Lucky Ali cassettes became a part of our lives, most of us had no clue what Indie Pop meant as a genre. So continue reading to know more about Lucky Ali.

Let us take a journey through his life and music

Masood Mehmood Ali, known as Lucky Ali, was born on 19 September 1985. Lucky Ali is an Indian singer, songwriter, and singer. In the era of 1990s, with several popular albums and singles, he emerged as a significant figure in Indipop.

Lucky Ali’s tryst with marijuana led Mehmood to write the script for the movie (Enemy of the world) Dushman Duniya Ka. However, it was the first song he sang.

Ali has bred horses and worked on an oil rig off the coast of Pondicherry.

With the album Sunoh, Lucky Ali made his debut in Indian music, establishing him as a versatile singer. Apart from singing, Lucky Ali also plays guitar really well. Lucky Ali has never undergone any sort of professional training to learn singing. He was introduced to music at the age of 5 and at the age of 13, Ali’s mother gifted him a guitar.

Sunoh, this album won many top awards in Indian music, including the Best Pop male Vocalist at the 1996 Screen Awards and the Viewers Choice Awards in 1997.

After launching his first album in 1996, Lucky Ali made his Bollywood debut as a playback singer with the track Na Tum Jaano Na Hum from Kaho Na Pyaar Hai is still one of the best romantic songs of all time.

Lucky Ali is a simple man who is not selling his art at an exhibition of brand endorsements but is like a Musafir, a meticulous artist who sings for everyone who wants to listen.

Lucky Ali’s Acting And Music Career

The gifted genius did not stop at just singing for his fans. He decided to star in a musical which was a very different movie and ahead of its time. Sur had phenomenal success in terms of its music because Lucky Ali’s magic spread its charm.

A career that’s panned across three decades for him, Lucky Ali started his playback singing career with the song “walking All Alone’ in 1978. This movie starred Mehmood Ali and his Six sons. Lucky Ali’s second song he sang was “Nasha Nasha” from the film Dushman Duniya ka, which starred his brother Manzoor Ali in the main role. The movie was directed by Lucky Ali’s father, Mehmood Ali. Lucky Ali also worked with composers such as Vishal Bhardwaj, Vishal-Shekhar, Mikey McCleary, A.R Rahman, and many more.

Lucky Ali also tried his luck at acting. As the nephew of veteran actress Meena Kumari and son of Mehmood Ali, Lucky Ali did not lacked to requisites to make his debut as an actor. With the movie Chote Nawab (The Little Prince) in 1962, he made his debut. This film was directed by his father, Mehmood Ali. Lucky Ali never liked acting and thinking that he was fooling around.

He acted in a few films between the 1970s -1980s, such as Hamare Tumhare (1979), Trikaal (1985), and many more. Lucky Ali also acted in the TV series Bharat Ek Khoj, directed by Shyam Benegal. For some time, Lucky Ali took a break from acting and music. After a break from acting, he returned in 2002 with the movie Kaante, a Sanjay Gupta film. Lucky Ali also acted in the television serials like Zara Hatke. In 2002, he played in the Hindi musical Sur-The Melody of life, playing a complex role on it.

Lucky Ali’s Comeback

There was a time some years ago when we didn’t see him in the music space were no concerts, no announcements, and no platinum label deals. If I may so, any random artist would fear slipping into oblivion. However, Lucky Ali was not baffled by this avalanche of artists cropping up, minting mollah, and there was probably no fear of being replaced because how do you replace something that you haven’t left?

He has traveled far enough in the cavity of our hearts and been embedded deep enough in our memories, that we all have one Lucky Ali song for some precious moments in our lives. It was until last year, when his friend Nafisa Ali shared a small clip of him on social media, that the viral nature of that video struck us like nostalgia.

Reporters even rumored that he is not there in the world anymore. Though it was a fake story, it affected his fans who waited for him to come back on the stage. It’s like the hunger of his fans who brought him back to social media. He dropped a beautiful rendition of Oh Sanam, and that is all it took for all fan hearts to melt in puddles of memories, remembering a time that is long gone.
Ending Thought

Is he relevant in 2021, and he continue to knock at the heartstrings of anyone who listens to his magic carefully? Well, he has almost 411k followers on Instagram, but guess what? His real-life following is probably far more than any number that an internet algorithm can count.
He doesn’t need introduction’s when you think of Lucky Ali’s music the first thought grazes towards him walking in a desert, singing O Sanam. Additionally, he needs no reason to be a part of our ‘Safarnama’ because ‘Oh Sanam,’ why do we love him? Well, “Na Tum Jaano Na Hum”.

Lucky Ali

Lucky Ali

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