Mani Ratnam’s PS 2 Could Have Been Saved

Except for its absurd climax, the Mani Ratnam film could have been saved

Thanks to the performances by Vikram and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, the Ponniyin Selvan II directed by Mani Ratnam could have been a soaring, heart-wrenching love saga. Instead, the experience is ruined by the last 40 to 50 minutes.

Mani Ratnam's PS 2 Could Have Been Saved

Mani Ratnam’s PS 2 Could Have Been Saved

Love stories are at the core of all great Mani Ratnam films

Love stories are at the core of all great Mani Ratnam films, regardless of the larger issue they are addressing. The director’s films succeed when he focuses on love and its transformative power, as evidenced by his 1983 debut film Pallavi Anu Pallavi, which featured Anil Kapoor, Lakshmi, and Kiran Vairale in the lead roles.

This trend continues with Ponniyin Selvan II. The period epic PS II is at its best when the director emphasizes the love story.

Ratnam’s use of the camera, actors, and dialogue is delightful

Someone didn’t read the books before seeing the movies, so they didn’t have any expectations other than maybe to be amazed and delighted by Ratnam’s use of the camera, actors, and dialogue.

The first section felt like a glimpse into an expansive dimension of conflicts and abandoned loves, so it experienced only appropriate to expect the director to unwind the tangled parts in its sequel, which they accomplished to do, to some extent. They did not let us down the first time.

Ponniyin Selvan II is a love story

They were riding the PS-2 train right up to its final hour. The characters’ desire for power and their tragic love story between Nandini (a brilliant Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) and Aditha Karikalan (Vikram) had me rooting for them.

The film’s action, which makes up a significant portion, fell short of expectations. There were some gaps that they both failed to fill, but all Ratnam had to do was hire a skilled action choreographer and explain his vision to him. As much about the Chola dynasty’s wars and power struggles as it is about love, Ponniyin Selvan II is a love story.

More elements should be added to improve the movie

Ratnam’s heartbreaking storyline and gorgeous performances, especially those of Karthi, Aishwarya, and Vikram, more than made up for the film’s lack of action.

It is disappointing that Karthi’s Vanthiyathevan is charged with a serious crime, which is unusual for a Ratnam production.

Ratnam could have spent more time and added more elements to the film to improve it, as it is impossible to adapt a book into a motion picture.

The Nandini-Aditha story served as the centerpiece of the film

The Nandini-Aditha story, which served as the centerpiece of the film, was depicted on screen with such tenderness and care that it moved viewers. Aishwarya and Vikram both expressed a lot through their eyes, and their silence spoke volumes about the unconditional love their respective characters had harbored for one another since they were young.

A larger-than-life tragic few minutes were born from an ordinary period drama during their final fatal meeting in the palace. It made a difference, touched, and inspired people. Unfortunately, Ponniyin Selvan II as a whole cannot be said to be the same.

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