Movie Review : Afwaah, This Movie Will Make You Think Hard

Afwaah Review: This relatable and realistic political tale will make you reevaluate everything you see on the internet

The new movie from Sudhir Mishra features outstanding performances from Bhumi Pednekar, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Sumeet Vyas.

Movie Review : Afwaah, This Movie Will Make You Think Hard

Movie Review : Afwaah, This Movie Will Make You Think Hard

Movie Review: Afwaah

Director of the movie

Sudhir Mishra wrote and directed the mystery-thriller film Afwaah.

Producer of the movie

Under their respective production companies, T-Series Films and Benaras Media Works, the filmmakers Anubhav Sinha and Bhushan Kumar created Afwaah.

The cast of the movie

Sumeet Vyas, Bhumi Pednekar, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui are the movie’s stars.

Release Date

The movie premiered on May 5, 2023.

First Impression of the movie

A line from the movie goes, “Achhi kahaniyaan woh hain jisme tark ho, jo aapko provoke karein to ask why.” After watching the compelling and thought-provoking political drama Afwaah by Sudhir Mishra, that is how I feel.

The movie ends up being a social commentary on many different topics, including the nation’s current political climate, the love jihad controversy, and the influence of social media rumors on the next generation. Afwaah is as authentic and relatable as you would hope a Sudhir Mishra movie would be.

Plot of the movie

Vicky Bana (Sumeet Vyas), the future deputy leader of the ruling party, is attacked at a rally, and his close aide Chandan (Sharib Hashmi), kills a local. The story is set in Sawalpur, a small town in Rajasthan. Vicky’s engaged girlfriend Nivedita (Bhumi Pednekar) sees a video of Vicky speaking to Chandan that goes viral on Qwitter. When Nivi is in danger, Rahab Ahmed (Nawazuddin Sidduiqi) offers to help, but after their photo goes viral, they face ‘love jihad’ hatred.

Review of the movie

When it comes to illustrating the blatant prevalence of communalism and feudalism, particularly in small towns, and how the powerful can use social media to spread a rumor, Mishra shows no restraint. Afwaah is both painful and heartbreaking. It draws you in with its dialogue and tightly wound narrative.

The most interesting part about the movie is that it never comes off as preachy, even though it tries to convey several important messages through its characters and events playing out one after the other.
Mishra’s story has a heart in the right place and sticks to the message it intends to send out. Atanu Mukherjee’s editing and cinematographer Mauricio Vidal’s aerial shots add depth to the storytelling.

Final Verdict

Strong acting performances can be seen in Afwaah from Vyas, Pednekar, Siddiqui, and Hashmi. While Pednekar is in control of her character and stands her ground, Vyas is a revelation. Siddiqui is a demure character with nerdy glasses, a clean-shaven appearance, and a slightly muscular frame. At his finest, Hashmi.

Watch Afwaah if you enjoy films with deep, thought-provoking content that will get you to reflect, pose the right questions, and, in some cases, even be moved to action to make a difference in the world. The next time you see a rumor on social media, you might just use wisdom to assess whether you want to believe it by taking it seriously enough.

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