Taj – Reign of Revenge, Part 2 Trailer: Vengeful Salim faces off against Akbar

Taj – Reign of Revenge, Part 2 Trailer: In a struggle for the throne, vengeful Salim faces off against Akbar

Taj – Reign of Revenge Part 2 trailer: Salim, who had been exiled, returns to contend with his father Akbar for the Mughal empire’s throne.

Taj: Reign of Revenge Part 2

In Taj: Reign of Revenge Part 2, the father and son face off in their final confrontation. Prince Salim decides to challenge his father for the Mughal empire’s rightful heirship once and for all. The prince (Aashim Gulati) also wants to exact revenge on those who killed his love, Anarkali (Aditi Rao Hydari). The princes who come after them struggle with their sense of who they are in the meantime.

Prince Salim challenges his father, Akbar

As Akbar gets older and is less able to control his son, Salim is determined this time to stand his ground. Prince Daniyal (Shubham Kumar Mehra) and Prince Salim are still at each other’s throats, even though the other royal advisors are making up stories to incite conflict between the rivals. The teaser also demonstrates Salim’s tense relationship with his teenage sons, who don’t view him favorably.

The second half is based on the father-son conflict

The father-son conflict and full-throttle struggle for the throne are the season’s second half’s main themes. Characters believe that winning the throne requires some bloodshed, so murder and backstabbing are on the agenda. Salim sees Aditi Rao again in his dreams, supporting him as he attempts to seize the empire.

Reactions from fans

Fans responded to the trailer on YouTube and expressed their excitement for the resolution.

One user commented, “Loved the first season eagerly awaiting this.”

A further person commented, “Awesome tale of love aur Salim.”

Others questioned why the event was moved from May 26 to a week later.

The cast of the season: Taj: Reign of Revenge Part 2

A large portion of the Taj: Divided By Blood cast from the first season is back, including Naseeruddin Shah as Akbar and Dharmendra in a special appearance as Salim Chisti.

Along with Rahul Bose reprises his role as Mirza Hakim, Padma Damodharan as Queen Ruqaiya Begum, Queen Salima Begum as Queen Sandhya Mridul, and Jodha Bai as Queen Zarina Wahab. In the new season, there are two new characters: Mehr un Nisa (Sauraseni Mitra) and Ali Quli (Rouhallah Quazim).

About the series

# The film Taj – Reign of Revenge is co-produced by Roopali and Abhimanyu Singh and is helmed by Vibhu Puri.
# Ron Scalpello was the season one director.
# Zee5 will debut in the second half of the season on June 2, 2023.
# This month’s first installment was released earlier.

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