While We Watched: Documentary On India’s Most Popular Journalist | Namaskar Mai Ravish Kumar

A couple of days ago, a brief preview of a film featuring Journalist Ravish Kumar was released on YouTube. Those who are familiar with Indian media are likely aware of Ravish Kumar for many he is the face of defiance and honest journalism and for few he is the anti national who asks questions to the BJP regime, a former prime-time anchor and journalist at NDTV.

To address the initial inquiry, the movie cannot be viewed in India at the moment because the country lacks a theatrical market for documentary films. However, considering Ravish Kumar’s popularity, the film may receive a significant theatrical release unlike many other documentaries. As of now, there has been no official announcement regarding its release.

While We Watched: Namaskar Mai Ravish Kumar

While We Watched: Namaskar Mai Ravish Kumar

About The Film

The movie is actually a documentary on the anchor and aims to explore the crumpling of the media in the democracy i.e. India. As the trailer suggests, it takes a closer look into the life of Ravish Kumar and witnesses the consequences of fighting the power system. Further, the director says, it is also an exploration of the loneliness of the man or the loneliness of a man fighting a fight bigger than him.

The film is titled ‘While We Watched’ in English, and ‘Namaskar, Main Ravish Kumar’ in Hindi. Watch the trailer here.

About The Director: Vinay Shukla

The film’s director is Vinay Shukla, who had previously collaborated with Khushboo Ranka to co-direct ‘An Insignificant Man’. In this current film, Khushboo Ranka serves as the producer. ‘An Insignificant Man’ was a documentary that delved into the emergence of the Aam Adami Party within India’s political landscape. I strongly recommend watching it. Although the film initially had a restricted theatrical release, it was subsequently acquired by VICE.

Premiered At Sheffield Doc/Fest

Premiered at Sheffield Doc/Fest, the documentary While We Watched by Vinay Shukla employs a simple yet impactful approach to depict its subject and the opposition it confronts. The focal point of the film is Ravish Kumar, a Hindi-language broadcast journalist, while the adversary is formed by the mainstream Indian news media, collaborating with nationalist politicians in positions of power. The documentary is structured to evoke a sense of suspense, portraying Kumar as a solitary force challenging a perilous status quo. Intimate close-up shots capture him lost in contemplation, while excerpts from his resolute and daring TV appearances as a news anchor on NDTV highlight the personal nature of his mission and underscore the clear distinction between his work and his very essence. For Kumar, his role at NDTV transcended mere employment; it holds profound significance.

Ravish Kumar Now

After leaving NDTV Ravish Kumar the face of defiance in the all powerful state machinery is now doing what he does best on YouTube where he has more than 6 million followers. He is covering national news independently on the social media platform and has the largest viewership in India for any journalist.

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