2nd Ashes Test: England team called “crybabies”

The 2nd Ashes Test between England and Australia players ended on Sunday, but it remains to be covered by media in both countries. Ben Stokes and his team were referred to as “crybabies” in the Australian media’s reply on Tuesday morning in response to the British media’s mockery of the Australian squad on Monday.

Australian Newspaper Post

The clock is ticking for England to demonstrate that “Bazball” is the best strategy after falling behind 0-2 to Australia at home. Although the England-Australia Test match at Lord’s ended on Sunday, it remains to be covered by media in both countries. The Australian newspaper responded on Tuesday morning by calling Ben Stokes and his team “crybabies” after the British press on Monday made fun of the Australian team for the contentious dismissal of Jonny Bairstow. Stokes chuckled when he saw that one of the newspaper’s headlines was going popular on the internet.

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Ben Stokes response post 2nd Ashes Test Match

‘Crybabies’ was prominently displayed in a photo of Stokes wearing diapers that The West Australian posted online. Another line from the paper read, “Poms give whingeing to a fresh level with ‘cheating’ drivel.”

“That’s undoubtedly not me, as when did I bowl with a brand-new ball,” Stokes responded to the post.

In reply to the divisive Jonny Bairstow removal, Stokes stated that he never wanted victory in a match in this way. However, the England captain admitted that everything that happened on the field adhered to the game’s rules.

“If it had been the other way around, I could have put greater strain on the umpires, asked if they had called over, and seriously taken the overall spirit of the game. Would I want to win a game that way? I don’t believe so, he replied, ”

Pat Cummins believes Carey did the right thing

Australia captain Pat Cummins, on the other hand, believes Carey did the right thing, especially given that Bairstow has prior involvement in the same terminations.

Cummins Response in post 2nd Ashes Test match press conference

“You always see Jonny doing it. On the first day, he did it to David Warner. He did it to Steve [Smith] in 2019. When a batter repeatedly leaves the crease, keepers frequently act this way. Thus, Kez [Carey] deserves all the credit. He realized the chance. I believe Jonny had already done it a few times. At the stumps, I rolled it. Jonny abandoned his crease. You leave everything else to the umpires,” Cummins said at the post-match press conference.

Post facing defeat in 2nd Ashes Test match, England is out of time to demonstrate that “Bazball” is the best strategy.

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