IPL 2023: All Impact Players So far

A record of impact players and players who have been subbed in IPL 2023

The IPL 2023 season saw the introduction of the BCCI’s Impact Player Rule, which marked a significant shift in the IPL’s history. This year’s Syed Mushtaq Ali saw the rule put into practice, and the IPL 2023 season later adopted it.

Each team is permitted to choose one Impact Player for every match. Nevertheless, it is not required. The decision to use the Impact Player or not is left up to the teams.

Impact Players Used by All Teams in IPL 2023

The following is a list of the impact players used by each team so far in the IPL 2023.

Match no 1.
Match: CSK vs GT
Team: CSK
Impact Player: Tushar Deshpande
Replaced: Ambati Rayudu

Match: CSK vs GT
Team: GT
Impact Player: Sai Sudharsan
Replaced: Kane Williamson

Match no 2.
Match: PBKS vs KKR
Team: KKR
Impact Player: Venkatesh Iyer
Replaced: Varun Chakravarthy

Match: PBKS vs KKR
Team: PBKS
Impact Player: Rishi Dhawan
Replaced: Rajapaksa

Match no 3.
Match: DC vs LSG
Team: LSG
Impact Player: KS Gowtham
Replaced: Ayush Badoni

Match: DC vs LSG
Team: DC
Impact Player: Aman khan
Replaced: Khaleel Ahmed

The Impact Player Rule was put into effect during IPL 2023 by the BCCI

Impact Player Regulations
Except when there are fewer than 4 foreign players in the Starting XI, the Impact Player must be an Indian.

The only foreign player who can be used as an impact player is one of the four substitutes listed on the team sheet. A fifth foreign player cannot ever enter the field if a team introduces an impact player from another country during a game.

During toss time, teams must select four substitutes in addition to the starting X1, with just one serving as an impact player.

The Impact Player will be proposed by Captain.

Impact Players can be introduced at any point during an over, including before the start of the innings, at the end of an over, after a wicket has fallen, or after a batter has retired.

A Player who is supplemented by an Impact Player (“Replaced Player”) is not allowed to play the rest of the game and cannot return as a replacement fielder.

According to the BCCI, an Impact Player is not allowed to serve as a captain.

An Impact Player can replace a retired batter, who may return later if necessary.

Each team is permitted to use one Impact Player for every match. It is, however, not required. It is completely up to the teams whether to use the Impact Player.

If a player is hurt while fielding in the middle of the innings, the team may substitute an Impact Player to take his place.

If an impact player is injured during the game, a substitute fielder may field in place of the injured player only if the umpires are satisfied.

According to the rules of the game, both the batting and fielding teams must serve penalty time to the player who left the pitch to make way for the replacement.

In a note to franchises, the IPL stated that one substitute player per team would be able to play a more active role in an IPL match beginning with the 2023 season. This change was made to add a new dimension to the IPL.

IPL 2023 Impact Player Rule: What is it?
Teams can change players at any time during the game thanks to the “Impact Player” rule, allowing them to respond to the changing situation and substitute underwhelming players.

The BBL in Australia served as a test for the X-Factor rule before it was dropped. At the midpoint of the first innings (ten overs in a full game), teams were permitted to substitute players as long as the replacement player had not yet batted or bowled more than one over.

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