IPL 2023: How can RCB make it to the playoffs?

How Can RCB Beat LSG And CSK To Make It To The IPL 2023 Qualifiers? Look at the scenario

Let’s examine how RCB can finish ahead of LSG and CSK in the 2023 IPL. There are still two games for Royal Challengers Bangalore to play. Are they eligible?

The IPL 2023 is at a pivotal point

Since three of the four playoff spots are still up for grabs, the IPL 2023 is at a pivotal point. Teams vying for the positions include MI, RCB, LSG, and CSK. Today’s matchup puts Royal Challengers Bangalore against SRH, and they must win to advance in the standings.

IPL 2023 Qualification Points: What Are They?

After the league stage, the top four teams in the points standings compete in the Indian Premier League (IPL) play-offs. There are four rounds of play-offs: Qualifier 1, Eliminator, Qualifier 2, and Final. A team needs to place among the top four in the points standings to advance to the playoffs. The net run rate (NRR), which compares teams with the same number of points, is used to rank them.

A safe point total for an IPL team to qualify for the playoffs typically lies between 16 and 18 points. The precise threshold, however, may change based on how other teams fare in the competition. To guarantee a comfortable spot in the top four and eliminate any last-minute uncertainties, teams generally try to score as many points as they can.

Current scenario for RCB

All franchises are using their calculators to count every slim chance they have to make the top four as the league stage is nearing its conclusion. The chance exists for RCB, who is currently just outside the playoff zone, to pass CSK and LSG on the table and potentially take second place. However, a condition must be met to do that. Let’s analyze the RCB qualification situation.

How can RCB surpass CSK and LSG to qualify for IPL 2023?

Royal Challengers Bangalore currently has 12 points on the board, and with two games remaining (RCB vs. SRH and RCB vs. GT), the team could finish with 16 points. But that is a necessity rather than a choice.

Additionally, the team won’t be assured of passing once they arrive at the equation. To avoid playing MI, who might also finish with the same number of points, RCB must win both of its games by a sizable margin. To place in the top 4, RCB must maintain its superior run rate over MI.

While the aforementioned would only be true if both CSK and LSG won their final game. If neither team wins, they will both remain at 15 points, which is ideal for RCB because it has a chance to reach 16 points. To put it another way, for RCB to win, they must win both of their games and hope that LSG loses to KKR and CSK loses to DC. If it does, Faf du Plessis’ team will take control of LSG and CSK.

Bangalore needs luck on its side

While the decision to qualify is ultimately up to RCB, Bangalore needs luck on its side to place second and gain an additional opportunity to advance to the finals. Fans are in for a treat in this final stretch of the IPL 2023, that much is certain. What do you think about RCB’s chances of making the playoffs?

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