Halland Vs Mbape Is The Next Messi vs Ronaldo?

We now know where Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland, the two contenders for the title of the best player in the world, will play their football next season as a result of their signing new contracts with PSG and Manchester City, respectively.

By joining the Premier League champions-elect, Haaland’s move will give Pep Guardiola more tools to use in his fight to win the Champions League.

Despite starting his career in Bryne, his parent’s hometown in Norway, the Norwegian striker Haaland was born in Leeds. Three months before turning 16, Haaland was thrust into the first team after scoring 18 goals in 14 games for Byrne’s reserve team.

Despite not scoring in 16 games, Haaland performed well enough to move to Molde, a fellow Norwegian team. His effect on Molde was undoubtedly immediate because he scored in his debut. Haaland made 36 appearances in his first season as a professional football player and scored four goals.

Mbappe grew up in Paris and played for AS Bondy as a youngster before joining the Clairefontaine academy, where he attracted the attention of the biggest clubs in the world.

Haaland debuted almost one year before Mbappe, but it was at a lower level, and he only became well-known while playing for Molde. Even then, he was signed up by the comparatively uncool Red Bull Salzburg.

Thierry Henry was written out of the Monaco record books by Mbappe, who won the Golden Boy award at 17. Mbappe also had the world’s best clubs vying for his signature. An easy victory for the Frenchman.

As of May 20, 2022, Kylian Mbappe has 226 goals in 335 games for club and country. So it comes out to a scored goal every 1.48 matches on average.

With 200 appearances as well as 150 goals, Haaland has participated in a great deal fewer games, or one every 1.33 games. The number of penalties each player has scored from their game also equals 20, with Mbappe scoring 20 times from 12 yards and Haaland matching him.

Despite a few injuries this season, Haaland has played 30 times for Dortmund and scored 29 goals. Frenchman Kylian Mbappe has 45 appearances for PSG in 2021–2022, scoring 36 goals.

Mbappe, who has played for Monaco and PSG and earned more than 50 caps for his country, has scored goals at the top level for a longer period than Haaland. Nevertheless, despite a hit-and-miss season, the Norwegian is scoring goals like crazy right now, which gives him the advantage.

Halland Vs Mbappe The Next GOAT?

A new generation of talent is prepared to overthrow the two legendary athletes with 12 Ballons d’Or between them as they approach the end of their illustrious playing careers. They are all set to become the next legends after Messi, who won the World Cup with Argentina, and Portuguese legend Ronaldo, who wowed audiences with their extraordinary feats. Still, present Manchester City striker Haaland can see no reason to get involved in a similar sporting rivalry with PSG forward Mbappe.

Football fans have been searching for the following players to participate in the greatest of all-time discussion as those two stars enter the later stages of their careers.

Fans believe they could be the next GOAT rivalry after 22-year-old Haaland’s mind-blowing start to life in the Premier League scoring a massive 23 goals in 18 games and 24-year-old Mbappe looking frighteningly good and winning the golden boot at the World Cup.

Erling Haaland and Kylian Mbappe looked amazing, but what happened in Seville and Paris grabbed everyone’s attention. Haaland contributed two goals to Manchester City’s 4-0 victory over Sevilla, continuing his stellar start to life at the club. In the second half, Mbappe scored two goals of his own to help Paris Saint-Germain defeat Juventus 2-1 at home.

At 23 years and 260 days, Mbappe surpasses Lionel Messi, who had held the previous record at 23 years and 307 days. In addition, Mbappe is the only player under 25 to have 35 goals in the Champions League. Given that he only made 54 appearances in the competition, Mbappe has contributed to 55 goals (35 goals, 20 assists).

Amazing statistics about Haaland also became public, showing that the Norwegian has contributed to goals and assists in City’s games in the Premier League and the Champions League. He also made history by becoming the first player to score 25 goals in his initial 20 Champions League games.

Due to the absence of Cristiano Ronaldo from the Champions League this year and Lionel Messi’s largely anonymous performance compared to Kylian Mbappe and Neymar, the night’s events may have heralded a change in the leadership at the top of football.

However, the fact that Haaland has already made 25 appearances in the Champions League while Ronaldo has only made 20 implies that the Messi vs Ronaldo era may become a little vague.

Mbappe has won 15 senior league titles, such as five Ligue 1 championships, and has done so in a much more organized manner. Mbappe scored in both France’s World Cup and Nations League championship games, helping his team to victory.

Haaland, in comparison, has only garnered four medals. These include three championships at former club Red Bull Salzburg and the DFB Pokal with respective clubs Borussia Dortmund in 2021.

Mbappe, who can play in any attacking position and isn’t strictly a striker, is regarded as a forward player in modern football. However, Mbappe has played almost half his club games as a striker. However, the remaining games showed him playing on the field’s left or right side.

Haaland, on the other hand, is unquestionably No. 9. He can link plays and is expected to finish in the 18-yard box, relieving him of the responsibility of providing assists.

We need to discuss their FIFA ratings to compare the two, allowing us to contrast them with Messi and Ronaldo.

The highest-rated player in FIFA 22 is PSG’s Messi, who has a rating of 93, while Ronaldo has a rating of 91. Mbappe, a teammate of Messi, has a rating of 91, indicating that the time for a new guard is rapidly approaching.

Given that he is only 21 years old, Haaland received a rating of 88 this year, which again is incredibly impressive.

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