World Cup 2023’s top ten wicket-takers so far

In the ongoing ICC World Cup 2023, bowlers have been a vital factor in nearly every game. Currently, Australia’s Adam Zampa is leading the table of the highest wicket-takers with 16 wickets, while Mitchell Santner of New Zealand and Jasprit Bumrah of India also have significant bowling performances and claimed 14 wickets. Marco Jansen of South Africa and Shaheen Afridi of Pakistan tied at 13.

The top 10 will get completed by South African Gerald Coetzee (12), New Zealander Matt Henry (11), Sri Lankan Dilshan Madushanka (11), Dutchman Bas de Leede (11), and Indian Kuldeep Yadav (10). Mohammed Shami, who has taken nine wickets in just 17 overs, has made a significant impact in two out of six matches played so far. Currently, he is sitting at 14 rank.

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Top 10 wicket-getters in the World Cup of 2023

World Cup 2023: Throughout the ICC World Cup 2023, bowlers prevailed and contributed to almost every match.

Bowlers’ contribution in the World Cup 2023

World Cup 2023: In almost every match in the ICC World Cup 2023, bowlers have made a significant impact. The Top 10 list is constantly rotating in terms of names. Currently, Australia’s Adam Zampa leads the table with 16 wickets, closely followed by Mitchell Santner of New Zealand and Jasprit Bumrah of India, both with 14.

Adam Zampa
Zampa has been a crucial member of the Australian bowling lineup thanks to his outstanding average of just 19 runs per wicket. Thus far, he bowled 49 overs and conceded 305 runs, with a 4/8 best bowling figure. Notably, Zampa is one of the few players in this World Cup who threw a maiden over.

Jasprit Bumrah
Indian pacers did similarly well, albeit in a different way. Despite having a lower average (15) than Zampa, he completed 53 overs while only giving up 211 runs. His highest bowling average is 4/39. Bumrah bowled four maiden overs, an impressive accomplishment in the World Cup’s high-stakes atmosphere.

Mitchell Santner
With an average of 20, Santner has been a vital player for New Zealand, claiming 14 wickets. After bowling 57 overs, he took five wickets for 59 runs, his best performance. Santner possesses a maiden as well.

World Cup 2023: Other Bowlers in the Top 10

South Africa’s Marco Jansen and Pakistan’s Shaheen Afridi are at 13 wickets. Gerald Coetzee of South Africa (12), Matt Henry of New Zealand (11), Dilshan Madushanka of Sri Lanka (11), Bas de Leede of the Netherlands (11), and Kuldeep Yadav of India (10) complete the top 10. The other Indian in the top 10, Yadav, has less impressive statistics than Bumrah. He sits 10th with an average of 26 and no three-wicket hauls.
Without Mohammed Shami, we can’t complete the list.

This list wouldn’t be complete without Mohammed Shami. With nine wickets taken, he is currently ranked fourteenth. Wait a minute, what? In just 17 overs, he averaged eight runs per wicket while bowling. In the two out of the six matches that India played so far, he makes all the difference. From the Top 10 list, Coetzee is the bowler with the fewest overs bowled; in 38 overs, he captured 12 wickets.

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