Ayushmann Khurana Might Play Sourav Ganguly ? Fans Not Happy

Ayushmann Khurana might play the role of Saurav Ganguly in his biopic; but fans are upset for the following reasons

Sourav Ganguly revealed his biopic nearly two years ago. Fans have been anticipating the reveal of the Dada actor ever since. In contrast to earlier reports that Ranbir Kapoor was being considered for the role, current reports indicate that Ayushmann Khurrana is in negotiations to play the Prince of Calcutta.

Ayushmann Khurrana will play Sourav Ganguly in the biopic

According to rumors, Khurrana has been in discussions with the producers about the project for several months and has given his approval.

“The negotiations are now at an advanced stage, and signing him on will soon only require a few formalities. They are sure that Ayushmann, a left-handed batsman as well, is the best person to fill Ganguly’s shoes. Ayushmann is scheduled to see the legendary cricketer in person. Saurav Ganguly, who is also known as Dada, has also approved of the actor’s casting,” according to a source who spoke to PeepingMoon.

Ayushmann Khurana Might Play Sourav Ganguly ? Fans Not Happy

Ayushmann Khurana Might Play Sourav Ganguly ? Fans Not Happy

Ayushmann will reportedly spend months practicing Cricket for the movie: Reports

Ayushmann Khurana is reportedly ready to play the part of legendary cricketer Saurav Ganguly, also known as Dada, according to the sources. Ayushmann was chosen to play Saurav in a movie with his approval. According to a reliable source, Ayushmann can currently be seen practicing cricket. In addition, it is said that Ayushmann will practice cricket for the movie for months.

A formal confirmation is presently awaited.

Fans, however, have reacted to this development in various ways
While some feel that a Bengali should have played the roles, others are confident that Ayushmann will do a fantastic job with this character.

A Twitter user wrote, “Matlab Dada ab screen pe Punjabi tone mei baat karenge.”

“Punjabi actor starred in the biopic directed by Tamilian about the Bengali cricketer. Hey, this is eclectic.”

“First, Bengalis are going to protest it.”

The phrase “Sala matlab bilkul bhi resemblance nahi rakkhoge kya”

Can’t wait to watch the entire Dada-Chappell-David drama on film, but they really should have chosen a Bengali actor for the part (Jisshu, Param, to name a few).

Earlier rumors claimed that Ranbir was vying for the position. He refuted the rumors, claiming that he had not been contacted
“In my opinion, dada (Ganguly) is a living legend, and not just in India. A biography of him would be very unique. Unfortunately, I have not received an offer for this film. I believe the writers of the Luv films are still working on the script,” he was reportedly quoted as saying at a gathering.

Ganguly made his biopic announcement in September 2020. He proclaimed at the time, “The sport of cricket has enriched my entire existence; it has provided me with confidence and enabled me to advance with my head kept high. A memorable journey has taken place. I’m thrilled that Luv Films will create a biopic about my life’s events and then put it into being on the big screen,” Ganguly declared when he made the announcement.”

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