Manipur Violence: Mira Bai Chanu And 10 Other Athletes Write To Center Govt

Ten elite athletes, including Mirabai Chanu, write to the center about the crisis in Manipur

Manipur’s Violence

The racial conflict between the Meiteis and Kuki tribes over the Meiteis’ insistence on being recognized as a Scheduled Tribe (ST) has claimed the lives of over 80 people since it started on May 3.

Return honors and medals if “peace and normalcy” are not restored: Mirabai Chanu

Amit Shah, the home minister, has received letters from eleven Manipur-based athletes, including Olympians, pleading with him to resolve the state’s ongoing crisis. Olympic medalist Mirabai Chanu is one of the signatories to the letter, which includes a threat to return honors and medals if “peace and normalcy” are not restored as soon as possible.

Unblock the National highway-2

The National Highway-2 must be opened, according to the letter’s signatories, who include boxer L Sarita Devi, former Indian women’s national team captain Bem Bem Devi, and weightlifter Kunjarani Devi, who won the Padma Award.

“Essential commodities’ prices have increased as a result of the National Highway-2 being blocked at various locations for weeks… So, please unblock the highway as soon as possible,” is one of the eight requests listed in the letter.

“We want peace: Kunjarani Devi”

The most accomplished female weightlifter in India, Kunjarani Devi, only has one thing to say to the ruling class: “We want peace.”

Take everything away from us, but give us peace—that’s what we want. We desire a lifestyle similar to that of someone living in Delhi or Mumbai. We only desire peace, I want to tell (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi, she said.

“No one respects us: L Sarita Devi”

“The nation has benefited from our victories. Meiteis have made significant contributions to the sports world. We continue to believe that no one respects us even after that. We will return the medals if our demands are not met, declared boxer L Sarita Devi.

Amit Shah’s Manipur visit

Amit Shah, who is on a four-day visit to Manipur, held consultations with a range of stakeholders as part of his efforts to bring the violent state’s violence under control, including cabinet ministers and civil society organizations. His trip to the northeastern state marks his first since the ethnic clashes started earlier this month.

In Imphal, Mr. Shah attended many meetings

Mr. Shah met the chief minister of Imphal, N Biren Singh, as well as other officials, government employees, and a few political figures last night after arriving in the city. He met with a group of female leaders over breakfast today, and he also met with important people separately.

As part of his outreach, he met with a group of civil society organizations once more. In this meeting, they reaffirmed their commitment to peace and pledged to work to bring back normalcy in Manipur.

Home Minister Amit Shah’s Tweet

“Had a productive conversation today in Imphal with the participants of the various Civil Society Organisations. They pledged to uphold peace, and they promised that by working together, we would help Manipur get back to normal,” he stated in a tweet.

Manipur Violence So Far

Over 80 people have died since May 3 as a result of the ethnic conflict between the Meiteis, who reside in and around the Imphal valley, and the Kuki tribe, who have taken up residence in the hills, over the Meiteis’ demand to be classified as a Scheduled Tribe (ST).

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