A history of the Kuki Tribe In Freedom Struggle And Netaji’s INA

Kuki Tribe’s Role In The Pre Independence Indian National Army Raised By Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

The Kuki tribe has played a significant role in the Indian National Army (INA) during the country’s struggle for independence from British colonial rule. The Kukis, an indigenous community inhabiting the hilly regions of Northeast India, actively participated in the INA’s fight against British imperialism.

During World War II, when Subhas Chandra Bose formed the INA to liberate India from British rule, many Kukis joined the movement. The Kukis, known for their martial traditions and warrior spirit, saw the INA as an opportunity to fight for their freedom. They believed in Bose’s vision of a united and independent India and eagerly joined his cause.

The Kuki tribe’s contributions to the INA were diverse and significant. Many Kuki youth joined the INA’s armed forces and fought alongside other soldiers from various communities. They displayed immense bravery and determination on the battlefield, earning a reputation for their fierce combat skills. The Kuki soldiers fought in key battles, including the Burma Campaign, where they faced the British forces head-on.

Besides their military contributions, the Kukis also provided invaluable support to the INA. They played crucial roles as messengers, guides, and suppliers, assisting in the logistics and communication networks of the army. The Kuki women actively participated in underground activities, providing intelligence and aid to the INA.

However, the struggle for independence was not without sacrifices. Many Kuki soldiers and civilians lost their lives or suffered great hardships during the war. Despite the challenges, the Kuki tribe’s unwavering commitment to the cause of Indian independence remained steadfast.

The role of the Kuki tribe in the INA reflects their deep sense of patriotism and their desire for a free and united India. Their contributions to the independence movement continue to be celebrated, reminding the nation of the bravery and sacrifice of the Kuki community. The Kukis’ involvement in the INA serves as a testament to the spirit of unity and determination that prevailed among various Indian communities during the fight against British colonial rule.

List Of Kuki Freedom Fighters

You can find the list of hundreds of recognized freedom fighters from the Kuki community on the INA War Museum link below.

Source INA War Museum

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