The Sengol was never designated as a “walking stick” or placed in Anand Bhawan

Examining the lies, half-truths, and sengol’s journey from the Allahabad Museum to the new Parliament building.

“The Truth Of Golden Stick gifted to Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru”

According to the historian, the object on display at the Allahabad Museum in Uttar Pradesh was titled, “Golden Stick gifted to Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru,” in contrast to reports that the sengol, which was installed in Parliament on Sunday, May 28, was “mislabeled” as Jawaharlal Nehru’s walking stick. In contrast to what the BJP has been saying, neither Nehru nor the “walking stick” were mentioned.

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The BJP is incorrect in its claims as “Nehru’s walking stick”

The BJP is incorrect in Its claim that the staff was introduced as “Nehru’s walking stick.” “Even the terms Jawaharlal Nehru weren’t in the overview,” the report stated.

The reporter states of the assortment of India’s first prime minister, which is displayed in the museum in Allahabad, “It isn’t the duty of the head to translate an object, Our only responsibility is to describe the items on display. The sengol was thus referred to as a “golden stick.”

A historian or other expert should be responsible for interpretation. Because of this, when the gifts arrived at the museum between roughly 1948 and 1952, S.C. Kala, our first curator and later director, simply noted them in the register as “golden sticks.” From this point forward, that name has been used in all official records.

On November 4, 2022, the Sengol was transferred to the National Museum in Delhi as a result of an MoU between the National Museum and the Allahabad Museum. Rather than at Anand Bhavan, the residence of the Nehru-Gandhi family, a nod was obtained from the governor of Uttar Pradesh, Anandiben Patel, who serves as the ex officio chairperson of Allahabad Museum, where the sengol was kept.

Anand Bhawan did not supply Sengol

Prime Minister Narendra Modi reaffirmed, “The sengol was displayed at Anand Bhavan in Prayagraj as a walking stick… ” in his remarks to the adheenams shortly after the ceremony on Saturday. It was removed from Anand Bhavan by this government.

The 4.6-foot-long sengol came from the National Museum, where it had been kept since November 2022, and was brought to the new Parliament. It’s interesting to note that the ornament had already traveled from Allahabad to Bangalore before the November ceremony, where it was presented, to be used in the production of the slick propaganda video shared on several official accounts.

The government video is inaccurate

A closer look reveals that the movie explicitly denies being based on historical events in what appears to be a “disclaimer” at the start. The event that is being re-enacted in this video happened in August of 1947. The Event was extensively covered by Indian and international media and was also the subject of books. These reports serve as the basis for the video.

The video was created by IGNCA, and the sengol even has its website, “,” on which the phrase “Government of India” is prominently displayed.

To put it another way, contrary to what the media has been reporting, Nehru’s original sengol was not one of the many sengols that the adheenams gave to Modi. The original was kept secure at the National Museum the entire time.

Regarding the video, it states that the sengol was flown from what was then Madras to Delhi in a special aircraft. The adheenams traveled by train, as The Wire previously reported, according to a 1947 Time magazine report and other media.

This piece is sourced from The Wire Website

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