First Death Anniversary Of Sidhu Moosewala, The Late Singer Still Topping Charts

First death anniversary of Sidhu Moosewala: Why is he still topping music charts?

We discover the logic behind why Sidhu Moosewala’s songs continue to dominate the music charts on streaming services on this day, May 29, the first anniversary of his passing.

RIP Sidhu Moosewala

RIP Sidhu Moosewala

Sidhu Moosewala’s music continues to dominate most music charts

Sidhu Moosewala, a singer, passed away one year ago today, May 29. Even a year after his passing, his music continues to dominate most music charts, which surprises his fans, who miss the icon of Punjabi music’s physical presence. Levels and Never Fold on Apple Music, Doctor on Wynk, Mera Na on JioSaavn, 295, The Last Ride, GOAT, and Legend on Gaana, and Never Fold on Spotify—Moosewala’s songs never cease to amuse music lovers.

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Sidhu Moosewala had a sizable fanbase among youth: Editor – Punjabi Music, Gaana

“Sidhu Moosewala had a sizable following among young people, and they also make up a sizable portion of our subscribers. He quickly became well-known because his music had an instant connection with young music fans. Many of his songs continue to be at the top of our music charts for this reason, according to Manoj Sharma, Editor – Punjabi Music, Gaana.

“Fans sustain him via his music:” representative of Spotify

Similarly, a Spotify representative says that the performer’s “fans keep him alive through his music on our platform, frequently taking his songs to the charts. Our charts typically feature music from different eras because listeners have a strong affinity for them or because a song gains popularity due to trends on social media, etc.”

Moosewala’s songs stood out because of their lyrics: JioSaavn spokesperson

Some people believe that Moosewala’s songs stood out because of their lyrics. “He wrote about the struggles that every young person faces daily, and this resonated with the country’s youth through his music. As a result, his fans were very devoted to him and his music because of the content and theme he used. In addition, his parents consistently release songs like Mera Na, preserving his legacy. We believe additional tracks like this to be shared in the coming days,” says a JioSaavn spokesperson.

What do fans think about why Moosewalla’s songs continue to be at the top of the charts?

Fans of Moosewala are happy that his music is still in existence, echoing the sentiment of the music streaming services. Pallavi Sharma, a resident of Mumbai, claims that Moosewala’s music is so calming that it improves her mood whenever she is feeling down. The fact that his songs continue to dominate music charts does not surprise me. I only need to sign up for Apple Music to find at least two of his songs in the top 20.

He didn’t sing made-up or wannabe lyrics, says another fan from Delhi named Robin Singh Rajput. The truth was represented by his music. I’ve been enjoying his music ever since he arrived (Moosewala made his debut in 2017 with the song G Waggon).

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