Manipur Violence : Congress demands high level investigation

Manipur Violence: Congress requests an investigation by a high-level panel led by a sitting or recently retired SC judge

The Congress party is demanding a high-level commission to investigate the bloody clashes in Manipur out of a sense of hurt and loss.

Congress demands a high-level commission

The Congress party demanded on Tuesday that a high-level commission with a sitting or recently retired Supreme Court justice as its chairman look into the bloody clashes in Manipur. President Droupadi Murmu received a memo from party leader Mallikarjun Kharge with twelve demands.

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The party stated that they are humbly submitting that memorandum for your intervention to rectify the extraordinary situation confronting the state of Manipur as soon as possible and bring about normalcy as early as possible. According to them, they are acting this way out of a profound sense of hurt and loss.

The Congress provided a thorough account of the incident and urged the President to consider the twelve demands the party has made concerning the violence in Manipur.

Congress’s inquiry and other requests

1. For the swift restoration of peace, harmony, and normalcy, sustained and firm efforts must be made to control violence in every area.

2. The Union government must take all necessary steps right away to restrain and control all militant groups (including those that are part of So0), and it must make sure that all armed civilian groups are immediately put an end to by taking the necessary action.

3. To prevent armed militants from breaking in and upsetting the peace, villages close to the foothills of both communities need to be adequately secured.

4. The Union government should take action to help all displaced people return to their original homes or safer places with adequate security.

5. Compensation for all victims’ and impacted people’s losses of life, property, and other relevant items in a dignified and reasonable manner.

6. Those who have died must be identified right away, and their bodies must be given to their families so that they can perform their last rites.

7. There must be a special effort made to locate numerous missing people.

8. Since many children are residing in the relief camps, it is necessary to make special provisions for the students of the evacuated families’ education.

9. It must stop causing delays in the movement of goods and necessities through district headquarters and the National Highway System.

10. All relief camps must be immediately taken over by the state government, which must also ensure that everyone has access to adequate health and sanitation facilities.

11. The Manipur state’s existing constitutional provisions must be upheld in letter and spirit, and through dialogue and reconciliation, the trust between the communities must be rebuilt.

12. A sitting or recently retired Supreme Court judge should be appointed to lead a high-level inquiry commission.

As was previously mentioned, there were several oversights in the country’s management during the early stages of the violence, which contributed to the current predicament. I should be acting right now rather than blaming others. The possibility of restoring ace exists if the aforementioned recommendations are made in carnest. A responsible political party, the Congress party is always prepared to support any effort to bring harmony, peace, and normalcy back to the state of Manipur.

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