“Blind” Movie Review: Sonam Kapoor performs poorly in a lifeless movie

The Sonam Kapoor-led film Blind had the potential to be an enjoyable thriller, but it lacks all suspense.

Movie Review: Blind

Director of the Movie
Shome Makhija

The cast of the Movie
Sonam Kapoor, Shubham Saraf, Vinay Pathak, and Purab Kohli.

OTT Platform

Release Date
7th July 2023


First Impression

‘Blind’ tells the tale of a young police officer who lost her sight in a terrible accident and centers on a 2011 Korean film of the same name.

Plot of the Movie

Gia (Sonam Kapoor), unemployed and mourning over a death she caused, can only find comfort in her seeing-eye dog Elsa and the kind woman (Lillette Dubey) who oversees the Glasgow orphanage.

The Story of the Movie

Then, a chance encounter with a sketchy character one day turns Gia’s life upside down. After visiting an orphanage, she is returning home when she boards, believes to be a taxi, and soon becomes uneasy due to the driver’s creepy behavior, something shifting in the boot, and whether or not the water he is insisting she drinks is safe.

Review of the Movie

The serial killer’s identity becomes clear very early in the film. The assassin and Gia are playing a game of cat and mouse, which seems bound to create tension. However, Kapoor is ineffective, and this film is dead boring save for one scene where the assailant is following her down buses, subways, and the riverfront, and you can feel in real danger.

The suspense that a thriller demands is missing in Blind. It is neither interactive nor exciting. The film can’t come close to having the same impact as its inspiration, in the opinion of the creators. The film’s portrayal of Sonam Kapoor feels too sluggish. She conducts her initial phone call with the psychopath horribly. The film tries very hard to be a good thriller, but because of the dull treatment, it can’t keep the audience interested.

The remaining cast members, such as Lilette Dubey, a thoroughly religious mother figure who trusts everything will be okay, and Shubham Saraf, a witness to a vital kidnapping, are thrown away. Purab Kohli plays a doctor with a dark side. Vinay Pathak is the always-chowing-down-on-fast-food desi sleuth.

The Final Verdict

It heavily borrows from the dark, mainly nighttime aesthetic of Korean crime films. There is no suspense in what could have been an enjoyable thriller.

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