In Uttarakhand, Gangotri Dham, tomatoes now cost Rs 250 per kg

Tomatoes have experienced a sudden increase in price in Uttarakhand, with prices in Gangotri Dham reaching Rs 250 per kg and in Uttarkashi district getting Rs 200 per kg. Supply chains suffered disruptions by heatwaves and heavy rains, which is why there has been an increase in the price. At Chennai, the Tamil Nadu government provides tomatoes at a discounted rate. Tomato prices have significantly increased in Karnataka as well. Temperature increases in March and April cause tomato prices to rise.

Tomatoes are now Rs 250 per kg in Gangotri Dham, Uttarakhand

Tomatoes have a relatively short shelf life influences their prices.

The sudden increase in the price of Tomatoes in the region

The modest tomato is now selling for a princely sum up north; in Gangotri Dham, it costs Rs 250 per kg, and in Uttarkashi district, it costs Rs 180 to 200 per kg. According to a vegetable vendor, tomatoes have suddenly increased in price in the area.

People are blaming ongoing heat waves and heavy rains

“The burden of the rising tomato prices in Uttarkashi falls primarily on consumers. Even the willingness to purchase them is lacking. Tomatoes are selling for between Rs 200 and Rs 250 per kg in Gangotri and Yamunotri,” a vegetable vendor named Rakesh told ANI. Many people blamed the ongoing heatwave in important tomato-growing regions and heavy rains, which caused an interruption in supply chains, for the sharp increase in vegetable prices.

The Tamil Nadu government is selling tomatoes at a discounted rate

Additionally, tomatoes have a relatively short shelf life influences their prices. Tomatoes cost between Rs 100 and Rs 130 per kg in Chennai. In an effort to offer some relief to consumers amid the price spiral, the Tamil Nadu government started selling tomatoes at a discounted rate of Rs 60 per kg at ration shops in the state capital Chennai.

Indian states are seeing a high rise in tomato price

Similar to many other states, Karnataka has recently witnessed skyrocketing tomato prices. In Bengaluru, tomatoes cost between Rs. 101 and 121 per kilogram.

The sudden temperature elevation in March and April

The sudden temperature rise in March and April is to blame for the high prices because pest attacks on tomatoes led to higher market rates.

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