Eight Feel-Good Hindi Web Shows

Do you think your weekends are precious? Do you sit idly and spend a fun and enjoyable day with your family on weekends? If so, let’s think about something good. Binge-watching crime thrillers or horror series is now a cliche. Just log in to your Netflix or Amazon account, and you can watch all the shows you want.

But why not watch something delightful? After all, in the end, watching old school romance or feel-good series are what puts a smile on our face. SonyLIV has been providing the audience with a lot of feel-good shows currently. However, you do not have to be glued to SonyLIV to watch some good series. You can also binge-watch them on other OTT platforms.

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This article lists eight feel-good Hindi TV dramas that can help you forget all your tension and enjoy a nice weekend with your family.
Eight Feel-Good Hindi TV Shows.

1. Gullak

Gullak, one of the running shows of SonyLIV, has been capable of getting the audience’s rapt attention. It is not the first time Gullak has gotten such a precious reaction from the audience. Since the release of its first season three years ago, it has hooked people with its simple story-telling style and positive ambience.

Shryash Pandey created this series under the banner The Viral Fever. Jameel Khan, Vaibhav Raj Gupta, Harsh Mayar, Geetanjali Kulkarni, all these actors have put a lot of effort into helping this show reach many people. Though this story narrates the life of a simple middle-class Mishra family belonging to a small town in North India, the realistic approach of the show seems to have felt relatable to the common Indian audience.

2. Little Things

Created by Filter Copy, the show Little Things narrates the story of a live-in couple, Dhruv and Kavya, played by Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar. The modern storyline of the series has been a great attraction for young adults in their twenties. This series shows a couple’s simple and realistic problems when they decide to live together. It also shows how Kavya and Dhruv go through all the known and unknown problems and become the people they are by solving them.

The simple transition of the characters through some relatable problems is the main thing that keeps the young audience glued to the show.

3. Panchayat

Panchayat, one of the best shows on Amazon Prime, is also hilarious. With a very simple storyline, this show has become one of the favourites of youngsters in India. When Abhishek gets appointed as a Panchayat’s secretary in Phulera, a remote village in UP, his life suddenly changes. His first-day experience will get you stuck to the tv screen and make you laugh like never before.

The speciality of this Hindi drama is that it focuses more on keeping it fun. You can forget all your problems while watching this on the weekend.

4. Kaafir

This show is one of the best shows of ZEE5. Unlike the other shows we have mentioned so far, this show is not a light-hearted one. On the contrary, the plot of the show is quite serious. However, it has successfully installed much-needed positivity in people’s minds.

Kaafir narrates the story of a POK resident Kainaz, played by one of the most prominent actresses Dia Mirza. She comes to the Indian side of Kashmir. However, she was caught and declared a militant. Consequently, she got the punishment of eight years imprisonment.

After she gave birth to her daughter inside the prison cell, Vedant, a famous journalist and lawyer, made it his life’s mission to save Kainaz and her daughter.

Even though you will rarely find a scene to laugh out loud during the entire time watching the drama, the breathtaking view of Himachal Pradesh and the positive message the story sends are enough to put a smile on your face at the end of the serial.

5. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

This show is a treat for people waiting to see something light-hearted. This all-time classic has some promising actors like Ratna Pathak Shah, Satish Shah, Rupali Ganguly, Rajesh Kumar and Sumeet Raghavan. It narrates the story of an affluent Gujarati family living in South Mumbai. The most beautiful part of the story is the sweet banter between Maya Sarabhai, coming from an uber-wealthy background, and Monisha Sarabhai hailing from a middle-class family.

6. Yeh Meri Family

This drama is one of the most relatable shows in Indian TV serial history. It talks about a middle-class family. Most importantly, it talks about Harshu, a young schoolgoer. This show revolves around Harshu’s life and how he handles all the growing-up challenges, basic responsibilities, etc. This story is based on the late 90s. So, all the youth in their twenties or thirties can feel related to this character.

7. College Romance

College Romance is a story that can make anyone glued to the TV screen. It is a story about three college friends named Naira, Karan and Trippy. Their ludicrous romance started to bloom when they fell in love with their college.

Their journey and romance will keep you seated while you explore your memory lane and laugh about the sweet and sour journey you had while reading in college. This show’s innocence and the three friend’s adventures will make you laugh hard.

8. Still About Section

Still about Section is the story of Suresh Chaudhry, a North Indian boy. He moved to Mumbai because he decided to stay with his cousin Rohit Mehra. He was completely content with the idea until he learned about his cousin’s sexuality. The whole drama unfolds with a series of pun-intended scenes. The show makers did a good job of making fun of the show.

Though the show has taken up a serious topic to explore, its light-hearted scenes and fun atmosphere make this show a favourite one.

If you need some fun outside your professional life, watching a good story in the comfort of your home is one of the best options. You can choose anything we have mentioned in this article. All of them are promising. However, choose the one you feel related to the most.

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