Farzi Season One Review: A Roller-Coaster Ride

What if you can create currency? An interesting theme to create a series around how two young creative boys got into the business of creating fake currency. But while watching it feels like script writing is loosely bound because the connection keeps on breaking with storyline and characters.

Nowadays, expectations with web series is such that it keeps you hooked up to binge watch. Two crucial aspects due to which you might feel this hook missing are script and all around performances. No doubt that the series is packed big stars, but at times it feels like there is an effort which actor is putting in to act through the screen. Audience can connect only when they feel that the actor is connected with the character. On one side, at times you might be able to connect with Sunny(played by Shahid Kapoor), on other side flat performances by other actors and script takes the show downhill.

Michael(played by Vijay Sethupathi), a character you might have seen multiple times other movies or web series. A good officer who is bound to do fulfill his duties and put a pin to counterfeit currency, but he has a painful personal life where seems to be an alcoholic whose wife and kid left him. Vijay Sethupathi partially did justice to the role with his quiet charm, intense eyes and dialogue delivery in Hindi.

What about The Direction?
Every century, a few directors come solely to show something different to the audience. The writer and director duo D.K. and Raj have done the same thing. They have an undeniable talent for portraying charismatic characters amid socio-political realities. It seems like D.K. and Raj have been mercilessly committed to their purpose of showing all kinds of realities related to a man’s life. The love interest, the mental trauma that has given birth to inner demons, and the struggle for survival are all easy to find in a D.K and Raj-led series.

They know how to create larger-than-life characters but also enjoy subtle humour while making people understand emotions of all kinds. Farzi has tried to explore the world of Family Man a little bit further.

An antihero Sunny (played by Shahid Kapoor), is in the middle of the clash between right and wrong, and to counter him, his grandfather (played by Amol Palekar) is there with his moral approach. This show does not delve into an action-packed thriller with only one purpose, to provide the audience with all kinds of masala. Farzi’s subtle exhibition of the inner battle that the characters have been experiencing has been able to put its focus on the show.

The Story in A Nutshell
Over the years, actors like Vijay Sethupati, Shahid Kapoor, Amol Palekar, K.K Menon, and Rashi Khanna have enjoyed the big screen based on their remarkable performances. This time, Shahid had to go out of his comfort zone to experience something new and fresh; needless to say, he did it marvellously. The blended intensity and the character’s peeping through-the-window kind of morality has brought him out as a new person.

Sunny (Shahid Kapoor), a struggling artist working with his grandfather’s magazine Kranti shares a different idea about life. Though he has been an orphan since childhood, he has had a great bond with his grandfather (Amol Palekar). While Sunny is a struggling artist, battling both as an artist and as a person, his grandfather is outspoken and famous for speaking with no remorse. Because of this nature, he always has a rift with his landlord. However, the magazine he runs allows him to rebel in old age when his memory is almost vague.

At first, Sunny struggles as a street artist. But his dream is big, big to the point he knows his ambition knows no boundaries. Soon the conception of revolution seems like an overrated thought to him. He sees corruption around him and an opportunity to survive in this perfectly messed up world. Now, he transforms his grandfather’s well-decorated magazine office into a counterfeit currency racket. But he is always in a dilemma. The scene where Shahid embraces Amol Palekar from behind shows the Sunny and Nanu bond and the simple reality of life, the illusion of a perfect life. Surprisingly, this stands in strong contrast with Nanu’s idealistic inner world.

On the other hand, Michael, an efficient police officer played by Vijay Sethupati, has also been making it hard for audiences to take their eyes off the screen. Vijay Sethupati’s presence on the screen has spread a spark. Police officer Michael is at war with the counterfeit currency racket whose only purpose is to stop financial terrorism racket.

When in a Nepal-based operation, he and his team fail to catch Mansoor, played by K.K. Menon, he becomes more stubborn in ending the racket as soon as possible. Even his character is not shallow. Like the family man that he is, Michael has been trying to get to terms with his estranged wife and his son. Just like with the antihero Sunny, the directors of the story have also made it clear that emotion is for everyone, and they are more real than anyone can ever imagine.

When Michael becomes more rigid in putting an end to financial terrorism, he is assigned a task force to stop the same. Rashi Khanna, who works to eliminate the racket as well, finds it hard to resist the charm of Sunny. However, she is too practical to get her budding romance to divert her from her purpose.

The Performance of The Actors
K.K. Menon, and Amol Palekar, who has always been careful about choosing their characters, have shown their power on the screen. Shahid has been the film industry’s talk for a while, playing a few different characters suffering from weak self-esteem. This time, however, Shahid has come with some baggage. This time, he is not Kabir Singh, smoking cigarettes or drinking in broad daylight. He is a rebel but a silent one. What happens in the next season is yet to be seen. But this season, the character portrayal has come with a strong message. The clash between emotions is real.

Vijay Sethupati, with his accent, has added a different spark to his character. His dialogue delivery and his way of portraying himself on the screen have been among the best experiences.
Does It Provide The Same Emotion?

Even though D.K. and Raj led Farzi have tried to provide the audience with the same magic of the Family Man, it seems a little repetitive this time. The counterfeit currency has been shown with great efficiency, which can make the audience realise that the writers have put so much effort into researching that. However, what happens next? The only thing to do is wait to see the face-off between the not-so-super cop Michael and not the complete villain Sunny.

Farzi is a show that comes with a lot of expectations. The characters are making a buzz, and the story comes with a charm that screams no fancy but simplicity. Whether it becomes a masterpiece or gets caught in the middle is yet to be seen.

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