Tathastu By Zakir Khan

Zakir Khan is arguably one of the biggest artists in stand-up comedy. He has truly got an authentic and dedicated fan following and he rightfully deserves that as well. He has mastered the storytelling art in such a way that at times you find his audience giving him support to complete his sentences and punchlines.

Starring – Zakir Khan
Written by – Zakir Khan
Duration – 93 minutes
Available on – Amazon Prime Video

After ‘Haq Se Single’ and ‘Kaksha Gyarvi’, our famous ‘Sakht Launda’ is back with another special after four years. This show cannot be called just a comedy special show. In 93 minutes, Zakir Khan will take you back into his life that inspires you and, in some places, you might try to control your tears.

Divided into 3 chapters – Paradise, Exile, and The Return. You will get to know about Zakir’s relationship with his grandfather, the dynamics of a joint family, his struggle to find a stable job, and the start of his journey as a stand-up artist.

Chapter 1 – Paradise
The paradise chapter will take you into Zakir’s childhood. Starting with his grandfather ‘Ustad Moinuddin Khan’ was a famous Sarangi player. How this eldest member of a big joint family used to conduct his life on daily basis. Grandfather’s Independence Day speech, describing grandfather’s old friend who was 90+ years old, etc. are some of the best comical pieces in this chapter.
Mostly this chapter is comical and you will see the return of some old signature punches of Zakir.

Chapter 2 – Exile
The Exile chapter will tell you about Zakir’s adult life when he decided to go against his family tradition and find a 9 to 5 job for himself. In a family where generations have played sarangi, young Zakir decided that he will not go in the same direction. Without any plan on how to find a job, he came to Delhi where his actual struggle to find a job started. During this time, his grandfather came to convince him to give up on this job-hunting struggle and come back. But ‘Sakht Launda’ didn’t give up. After a long struggle, he got a call from AIB. This changed everything for him. He will walk you through that in his own amazing style.
This chapter is comical, inspirational and there are moments when the audience gets quiet and serious to know what happens next.

Chapter 3 – The Return
The Return chapter is the final chapter. Now, Zakir Khan is a star and nation know him. He returns back to meet his grandfather thinking that finally he will say a couple of nice things about Zakir. But he only gets disappointment. Zakir became a judge in a famous Indian comedy show. During this time his grandfather gets ill and gradually, passes away.
Now this the chapter that turns the show around and takes it to whole new level. This chapter is less comical and more emotional. You will literally connect with every word.

Tathastu By Zakir Khan

Tathastu By Zakir Khan

Finding laughter in one’s own suffering is Zakir Khan’s forte. Almost in all his stand ups, he has picked something from his own life and made us laugh on it. With ‘Tathastu’, he will not just make you laugh but also force you to introspect in your own life.
The auditorium steup is also beautiful. The setup aslo gives a feel that this is not just a comedy show. Audience was sitting in bright light and you will find some celebrity faces as well in the audience. Interestingly when you see the title, one might wonder that why ‘Tathastu’. But answer to that is also hidden in Zakir Khan’s personal life.
Overall ‘Tathastu’ is worth watching for hardcore Zakir Khan fans. Deep diving into his own life will be a treat and an inspiration for everyone that ‘if you can dream it, you can have it.

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