Zwigato Starring Kapil Sharma Released: Is it worth your time ?

Movie Review: ‘Zwigato’

Nandita Das’ Zwigato, a thought-provoking film that sheds light on the struggles of delivery people in the online food delivery sector, features a realistic performance by Kapil Sharma.

Zwigato Kapil Sharma Review

Zwigato Kapil Sharma Review

The plot line of the movie ‘Zwigato’
Zwigato’s plot revolves around Manas losing his position as a floor manager at a factory and taking a job as a delivery driver for a food delivery app. The film follows his daily life, which is filled with ratings, penalties, and falling behind on incentives. When his wife Pratima decides to work as a cleaner in a mall, things in his otherwise happy family life take a turn for the worse.

Kapil won hearts with his outstanding performance in the film.
Until now, Kapil Sharma was only known for his work on “The Kapil Sharma Show,” which was a comedy show. This time, however, Kapil Sharma has won hearts with his extremely realistic acting in Zwigato, a new film that depicts the real-life struggles of delivery workers in the online food delivery sector. Kapil Sharma plays a character named “Manas” and has done an excellent job portraying a delivery person. Everything he did, from his body language to the way he spoke, reminded the audience of their own experiences ordering food online.
The most surprising aspect was watching Kapil Sharma, a comedian who is rarely seen acting in films, perform so flawlessly that no one can doubt his prestige as an established actor.

Story of ‘Zwigato’
The film follows Manas on his daily grind as his wife, Pratima (Shahana Goswami), looks for work to support the family financially, despite his disapproval. We soon learn about app companies dangling the carrot of ‘incentives,’ which leads drivers to fall into the trap of making the most deliveries per day, and how they are exploited at various levels. Manas corrects a placard slogan that reads, “Woh mazdoor hai, is liye majboor hai,” (He’s a laborer because he’s helpless), by lamenting, “Woh majboor hai, is liye mazdoor hai,” (He’s helpless because he’s a laborer).

While the first half created the world at its own pace, the second half advanced events gradually, often dragging them out. Several sequences, such as an activist Govindraj (Swanand Kirkire) protesting, a man of a different faith being targeted, and so on, appear a little forced.

Deep Social Message conveyed through this movie
The film also sensitively addresses the intensely integrated class and gender discrimination in our society. The tension between the rat race and desperation pervades the film, making it a moving watch. Even though it is obvious that the economy, social system, and politics are all interconnected, Zwigato includes far too much information.

Zwigato Kapil Sharma Review

Zwigato Kapil Sharma Review

Reviews of critics about the movie
The dingy bylanes of Bhubaneshwar, where the story is set, are expertly used by cinematographer Ranjan Palit to depict the commoner’s world as Nandita and co-writer Samir Patil skillfully present a relatable story. The absence of Odisha’s magnificent structures and exotic elegance contributes to the film’s realism. A special mention should be made of the stop-motion animation that appears as the credits roll while Yeh Raat plays.

Shahana’s talent as a performer is well known, and she delivers yet again — from the local Jharkhand accent and body language to her mannerisms and expression. However, Kapil is a revelation in this one. He nails his role as a loving but constrained misogynistic partner, snarky father, frustrated worker, and desperate man. You won’t catch a glimpse of the outrageous comedian that he usually is.
Manas is shown to be deeply frustrated with his circumstance, but the ending is simplistic, abrupt, and thus unconvincing in an attempt to demonstrate that life goes on for people like them.

The bottom line of the story
Overall, the film moves at a slow pace that may leave you restless. But even so, it is worth seeing for its intention and excellent performance. Above all, the movie leaves you with compassion for those who do odd or manual labor jobs to make our lives easier. Take a look at it.

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