Mahabharat Is The Aim Of My Life : SS Rajamouli

SS Rajamouli: It will be a 10-part series if he makes Mahabharat; “It would take a year for me to read all the versions”

If SS Rajamouli ever made the epic Mahabharat into a movie, he declared that it would be divided into 10 parts and dubbed it the “aim of his life.” The director is currently working on his next film with Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu. Imagine the crowds in cinema halls across the country watching Mahabharat By Rajamouli.

Mahabharat Is The Aim Of My Life : SS Rajamouli

Mahabharat Is The Aim Of My Life : SS Rajamouli

SS Rajamouli’s dream project

The director SS Rajamouli has long harbored the desire to adapt the Indian epic Mahabharat into a movie. He has referred to Mahabharat as his dream project numerous times over the past few years, and now he has revealed that if he is allowed to make it, he would like to divide it into 10 parts to fully do it justice.

Aim of SS Rajmoulis’ life

“If I succeed in getting the chance of making the Mahabharata, it could require me twelve months to finish reading each edition that is accessible in the nation. I can only assume that it will be a 10-part series at this point,” Rajamouli said during a conversation with his in-law Dr. AV Guruva Reddy.

Making a movie about the Hindu epic has long been Rajamouli’s goal. He said, “I am dedicated to picking up an idea for the Mahabharata’s resolution with each film I make. So, that is my goal, and every step is in that direction.”

Rajamouli spoke candidly about his desire to direct Mahabharat at a recent event. He estimated that it would take him at least a year to read all of the Mahabharat translations that are currently available in the nation.

Mahabharat would be a 10-part film

When questioned about his long-held desire to turn the 266-episode television series Mahabharat into a motion picture, Rajamouli responded, “The versions of the Mahabharat that are available would take me a year to read if I ever get to the point of making it. For the time being, I can only assume that there would be ten parts.”

Rajamouli talked about the Mahabharata during the release of RRR

Rajamouli promised to add his twist to the original Mahabharata in a statement made during the promotion of his previous film, RRR, and that he would only think about casting once the script was complete.

SS Rajamouli talked about the Mahabharata in an interview with Ram Charan during the promotion of RRR. “No characters from your favorite books or films will appear in my Mahabharata. In my way, I will narrate the Mahabharata. The Mahabharata (story) will remain the same, but the characters and their connections to one another will be improved, according to SS Rajamouli.”

When asked if he would cast Jr. NTR and Ram Charan, he responded, “I know others who created lists of who ought to portray who in the upcoming movie. But I won’t choose my characters until I’ve finished writing my own Mahabharata.”

Like rest of the cinema lovers we are also waiting for Mahabharat By Rajamouli.

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