Natu Natu From RRR Wins Golden Globes

Golden Globe, a prestigious award show organised by the Hollywood media association, is always famous for acknowledging the best works in Hollywood and international films. Every year, many Indians watch Golden Globe and see various movies bagging various awards. But this year has been special for every Indian. RRR, winning the Golden Globe award for the best original song, has marked the growth of Indian cinema forever.

This big win paves the way for other masterpieces and shows India’s progress in the creative fields. The world needs to see the great art and cinema from our country and this is probably the greatest showcase of our talents post Satyajit Ray.

Natu Natu From RRR Wins Golden Globes

Natu Natu From RRR Wins Golden Globes

Lets Celebrate RRR’s Win

The date January 11, 2023, will be memorable in the history of Indian cinema as a day when India’s RRR won the Golden Globe for the best original song. By winning this award, India also shows its power to surpass all the global stars like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift and Rhianna. The song Naatu Naatu, which won an award and the heart of every person in the world, forces people to tap their feet whenever they hear the song.

S.S.Rajamouli’s RRR has been nominated at Golden Globes for two categories- the best non-English movie and the best original song. However, RRR managed to bag the award for the best original song, leaving everyone amazed at this big win.

No one can say that this win does not mean much to many people. We live in an era where the term ‘pan India’ has been capable of finding its place.

Truely, gone are those days when people used to stand in queues to watch only Bollywood movies, or you saw no seats left when you tried to book a ticket for a Bollywood movie. Now, people want more! With the big hit of Bahubali, Indians are now hungry for more entertainment, talent and adrenaline rush while watching a movie.

With this big win, India has now gone beyond the language barrier. This movie united every part of the country as one. In short, this is not just a big win for Indian cinema. This win is equally big for the whole country. Not to discuss that fact is a matter of pride!

Though Rajamouli’s Bahubali had better reviews than RRR, the latter’s energetic songs, action scenes, and jaw-dropping moments made every person, irrespective of country, sit up and watch the entire movie with a shocked expression on their face.

RRR’s Naatu Naatu song winning the best original song award comes when South Indian films are ruling everyone’s heart. With KGF, Kantara, and Pushpa becoming huge successes, we can only hope this is just the beginning. More is about to come. More nominations, more stories and more talent will come to the surface, proving India’s supremacy in the creative field as well.

Since the recent South Indian movies have been famous and made a lot of money, the whole South Indian film industry is believed to be investing Rs. 10000 crores in their films. Hombale Films, one of the best production houses In India, has decided to invest Rs. 3000 crores in the film industry. All because of the inspiration that followed the success of the past few movies.

RRR’s big win at the Golden Globe has proven that language is not a barrier to art and creativity, and the process of making a movie and its last result sets the benchmark for success.

While accepting the award for the foot-tapping song Naatu Naatu, RRR’s music composer MM Keeravani showed his full gratitude to the people responsible for this. He thanked S.S. Rajamouli for his vision. He went on especially taking the name of Ramcharan and NTR Jr. for dancing with so much stamina. He also praised and showed gratitude to Chandrabose, Prem Rakshit, and Kaala Bhairava.

When India is all set to set new records every day, winning this kind of award adds more to its progress. This win is more significant because Naatu Naatu was nominated alongside brilliant songs like Hold My Hand from Top Gun by Lady Gaga, Ciao Papa, Where The Crawdads Sing by Taylor Swift and Rihanna’s Lift Me Up from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Seeing this win, we must mention one thing. There was a time when the Indian way of filming a movie was considered bizarre, mainly because of the presence of songs in the middle of the movie. Today the same song, i.e. Naatu Naatu, has made people desire to dance to every beat. This is another reason to be confident and proud of the Indian way of filming movies.

Jr NTR, the actor who played the character of Bhim in the RRR movie, has commented on the Golden Globe red carpet that “working with Rajamouli, we knew we were up for something good, we thought we had a winner, but this is more than a winner.”

Also, Ramcharan, one of the most prominent actors in India, commented that getting nominated at the Golden Globe is a surreal feeling. Answering whether he would prefer to become a Marvel hero, he got elated and said yes but also hinted towards the greatness of Indian cinema. He stated, “it was a beautiful torture, and look where it got us. We are standing here on the red carpet.” While Rajamouli, the director of the movie, stated that he cared for the actors like babies.

With the major win for the original song, Indian movies are in for some great surprises in the future. Kantara, another promising movie in India that was released in late 2022, has already managed to get two Oscar nominations. This is proof that India is on its way to breaking all the barriers, and now more and more talents will join themselves with the Indian film industry.

RRR’s Naatu Naatu winning the award for the best original song also means that now Hollywood media will pay more attention to the Indian film industry. Instead of saying the movies look strange with the songs in the middle, they will take our films as something entirely different, with their own identity. In simple words, this win has come with more opportunities, and it has significantly pointed out that art has no one way. You can follow and create something while being hundred per cent yourself.

Natu Natu From RRR Wins Golden Globes

Natu Natu From RRR Wins Golden Globes

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