Movie Review : Tiku Weds Sheru

Dark Comedy That Is Well-Intentioned But Sputters. The scope and potential of Tiku Weds Sheru allowed it to delve deeply and provide a novel and distinct viewpoint on the journey of two people pursuing their dreams.

Movie Review: Tiku Weds Sheru

Movie Review : Tiku Weds Sheru

Movie Review : Tiku Weds Sheru

Director of the movie
Sai Kabir

Writers of the movie
Sai Kabir, Amit Tiwari

The cast of the movie
Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Avneet Kaur

Streaming Platform
Prime Video

The First Impression

If the writers had been astute enough to recognize the hidden potential in its lead characters, Tiku Weds Sheru might have been a Madhur Bhandarkar picture.

The Plot of the movie

Tiku (Avneet Kaur) and Sheru (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) are two Bollywood aspirants who are fighting to get to the ‘filmy nagariya’ in this story about two aspirants who want to see themselves on the big screen. The context is the seedy side of show business and provides a glimpse into the existence of the Incidental characters (extras) used as scene fillers.

Review of the movie

The writing is poor and clings to the tried-and-true formula for making cheap homophobic jokes (Nawaz says, “mei gud hu”). The unnecessary expletives to give the persona a particular flavor also adds nothing new. What appears to be a story of two outcasts finding flawlessness in one another quickly turns into the known Plot of Nawaz and Avneet fighting for focus through verbal combat.

Tiku marries Sheru and has the capacity and potential to delve deeply and provide a novel and distinct viewpoint on the journey of two people pursuing their dreams. Instead, it dithers in the comfortable territory of checking the boxes.

Nawaz gives an honest performance, but he seems bored and uninterested. The character is perfect for him, but the problem is that he’s already tried this. This star performer is no stranger to the role of the underdog who continually feels inadequate and insignificant.

On the other hand, Avneet benefits from her advanced age. She seems excited to try alternately doing this now that she has little experience. Her pairing with Nawaz, however, feels out of place, and this is the problem. The Tiku-Sheru Jodi falls short of reaching new heights due to their absence of timing rather than the age difference.

The Final words

Sai Kabir’s attempt to provide a mocking view of the movie business as an OTT entertainer has its times, but they are few and far between. The setting for the movie is distinctive, and the Plot sounds intriguing. However, the poor execution makes it impossible for it to succeed.

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