IPL 2023: Purple Cap Holder As Of Now

IPL 2023 Purple Cap: Most wickets taken at this point in the season

The IPL’s Purple Cap, which has come to represent bowling brilliance, has grown to be one of the most prestigious awards over the years.

Purple Cap in IPL

The bowler who finishes the season with the most IPL wickets receives a real purple cap to wear.

IPL 2023 Purple Cap Rankings

IPL 2023 Purple Cap Rankings

The IPL awards a Purple Cap to the bowler who captures the most wickets throughout a season. Bowlers now highly prize this.

Significance of Purple Cap

It is unquestionably a tremendous accomplishment for any bowler to win the title because it not only shows your unwavering commitment to the cause throughout the competition but also establishes you as a top-tier T20 bowler due to the caliber of cricket played in the league.

So it’s kind of like a golden ticket for bowlers to get noticed by the right people and advance in their cricket career. Individuals who were awarded the Purple Cap at the end of the season have put on some outstanding performances during the competition.

IPL 2022 Purple Cap

Ever since it began, for the first time. During the previous year, Saudi Aramco became the award’s title sponsor. With 27 wickets in 17 games, Rajasthan Royal’s leggie Yuzvendra Chahal won the first-ever Aramco Purple Cap.

Most Wicket Taker in one Season

With 32 wickets each, former CSK all-rounder Dwayne Bravo and current RCB fast bowler Harshal Patel are tied for first place in IPL history for most wickets in a season.

Bravo played his final game of the previous season and then announced his retirement from the championship. He will work with CSK as their bowling coach during the following season. However, Harshal Patel will also play for the RCB this season.

It’ll be fierce competition for the Purple Cap this year because some incredibly promising prospects are playing in the 10 franchises. Can any bowler break the record set by Bravo and Harshal in 2023 and break the number 32? This is an additional intriguing statistic to keep an eye on.

IPL 2023 Purple Cap

The 16th season of the Indian Premier League has begun, and each team has already participated in more than one game. Many bowlers have so far made an impression in the competition.

IPL 2023 Purple Cap Top 5 Ranking

Yuzvendra Chahal
Mark Wood
Rashid Khan
Mohammed Shami
Tushar Deshpande

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