Top 7 FIFA Anthems Ever

Here, we will talk about the best world cup anthems from all over time. The countdown to the 2022 FIFA World Cup has begun, which will start in November to get all football fans worldwide excited. Football players and fans will get together to remember the event and take home memories they will always treasure. And to mark the event, we always have musicians and songwriters play upbeat, emotional songs that make the competition better.

Here are the 7 best anthems that have rocked the Cup and left us with a lasting impression.

1.Gianna Nannini & Edoardo Bennato – Un Estate Italiana (1990)

This World Cup song came out in both Italian and English. The Italian version was called “Un’estate Italiana,” and the English version was called “To be number one.” Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock worked together to make this hit song for the 1990 World Cup. Gianna Nannini and Edoardo Bennato sang the Italian version, which is also called “Magic Nights.” It is thought to be one of the most passionately sung anthems.

The words, “tell everyone they should follow their dreams because anything is possible” did well on the charts in several European countries, and from January to September 1990, it was Italy’s best-selling single.

2.Shakira – Waka Waka (2010)

Shakira is a Colombian music star and composer. She worked with the South African band Freshlyground to make “Waka Waka- This time for Africa,” the official hymn for the 2010 World Cup. The song was the main tune on the 2010 FIFA World Cup compilation album. With over 6.5 million YouTube views and counting, this song has been seen and heard more than any other anthem.

The cheesy song sounds like it was made in Africa and has several famous footballers, including Shakira’s ex partner, Gerard Pique, whom she met while the video was being made.

3. Willy, Lonnie Donegan, and the World Cup (1966)

Lonnie Donegan wrote “World Cup Willy” for the 1966 World Cup, which was held in England. This silly song by the King of Skiffle was written for the mascot that England used at the 1966 World Cup.

Before this hymn, Donegan was not well-known in the British music scene. But fans and supporters of England football loved this famous doodly music.

4.Los Ramblers – El Rock del Mundial (1962)

This is where it all began. Los Ramblers made the first official World Cup song in 1962. It was called “El Rock del Mundial.”

The rock and jazz band wrote their rock ‘n’ roll song fifty years ago. Even though fans do not listen to it much anymore, it is known as one of the unique anthems with great lyrics meant to get people excited about the game. The song sold more than 80,000 copies that year and more than two million copies overall.

5.Youssou N\’Dour and Axelle Red – Les Cour des Grands (1998)

France hosted the 1998 World Cup, which they ended up winning. Fans of the country’s team did not think it would do well in the tournament, so the mood in the country was bad before it started.

In 1998, Belgian pop singer Axelle Red and Senegalese activist Youssou N’Dour debuted with the hymn “Les Cour des Grands.” The song was made to make the French people feel good about themselves and to show that France is one of the best sports countries in the world.

6. Daryl Hall – Gloryland (1994)

The event reaches new heights when the United States participates in a global event. With world-famous musical geniuses in the “Land of the Brave,” the time was right for FIFA to hit the “Land of the Brave.” Daryl Hall and Sounds of Blackness created and sang “Gloryland,” which became the unofficial hymn for the 1994 World Cup. The song was a big hit in both the U.S. and the U.K.

Also, Daryl Hall and Sounds of Blackness sang it with words at the start of the FIFA World Cup. It was also the theme song for ITV’s coverage of the tournament.

7. Our Lives Time, a song by Divo and Tony Braxton (2006)

This song might be the most passionate and full of emotion out of all of them. Toni Braxton is a six-time Grammy Award-winning R&B singer and songwriter. During the 2006 World Cup in Germany, she performed this masterpiece with the Operatic Pop male group Il Divo. At the opening ceremony in the Munich stadium, Il Divo and Braxton sang “Time of Our Lives,” which was the official theme song.

The song is about working together to make the world a better place. This is always a fan favorite at the World Cup because the musicians played it so well, and there are many great melodic parts.

Top 7 FIFA Anthems Ever

Top 7 FIFA Anthems Ever

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