Panchayiti Over Chai

Chai Panchayiti

We all know the importance of snacks and beverages in our everyday life. We have them as an evening snack or sometimes even as breakfast. We have them while watching TV, or sometimes we need them just to kill hunger. We also offer these snacks and beverages to our guests. One of the most common beverages is Tea. There are many types of tea: iced tea, green tea, red tea, milk tea, etc., and the common ingredient in all these tea types are tea leaves and water.

Variations Of Tea

There are many variations of tea in India, from herbal tea to masala tea, and every type is consumed widely. There is really no end to variations of tea. In fact, different parts of the country are known for brewing different tea leaves and making different tea variations. Some of the most popular options are Mumbai’s cutting chai (tea), the aromatic Irani chai of Hyderabad, and rich, delicate pink Kashmiri chai.

Masala chai, one of the famous variations of tea, contains various ingredients, including cloves, fennel, cardamom, and ginger. Let’s also talk about the methods of making tea. The taste of the tea depends upon the quality of the brew, method of preparations, etc. Roadside stalls are the best places to learn the art of thickening the tea, just boiling it for a long time for the flavors to steep.
Why Do Indians Drink Chai Even In Hot Weather?

Tea, a legacy initially started by the British, is entrenched in the culture of India. They brought tea plantations from China to India and started cultivating tea. But that doesn’t mean Indians didn’t have tea before. Herbal teas have been a part of Ayurvedic medicines since ancient times. Even after the British left, tea did not leave our culture. It is the most common and affordable drink; the recipes vary between vendors and locals with a perfect mix of sugar, milk, ginger, and other spices.

It is understood that Indians drink this hot beverage during winter to warm up their body; you’ll also see them drinking during the hot weather. But why so? Drinking hot tea triggers the cooling mechanism inside the body. The hot receptors in your body tell the body that you are hot, and the body responds by increasing the number of cool mechanisms, such as sweat. It also increases the effect of adding a hot liquid into the system.

Tea Culture

As mentioned earlier, Tea culture is most common in India. You” find tea in every household, everywhere people will pay at least for sure to offer you tea. Almost everyone knows how to prepare tea. Also, no matter where you are, you are never far away from tea stalls. Most roadside tea outlets are humble and often cheap and delicious.

You’ll find people gossiping and discussing over tea in every nook and corner of the city. Even at home, tea is an ultimate conversation starter. Not only that, tea is good for health as it is refreshing and also said to ease headaches and stomach aches. Most people have at least two cups of tea daily, while others may drink more than two cups daily.

How To Enjoy Tea?

There’s no debate that tea has made a different place in people’s hearts. Tea is there for every discussion under the sun to make it more fun and enjoyable. You can bond with anyone over a cup of tea. There are many more occasions in which tea plays a significant role.

Tea For Guests

In India, Guests are supposed to be treated like Gods. So people treat guests with utmost hospitality and serve great snacks and beverages. Some salty and crispy snacks and a cup of tea are perfect breakfast for the guests. Serving tea is also a good idea in any sociocultural event. While tea is everyone’s favorite, it can surely bring along people at large.

Tea For Refreshment

Tea plays a significant role in refreshments. A cup of tea soon after you wake up refreshes your whole mood and wipes away the drowsiness. Also, after having a long, tiring day at work, a cup of tea can do magic by removing your exhaustion. Tea is also good for lighting up the mood and relieving stress and anxiety. You can prefer ginger tea or herbal tea for stress and refreshment.

Tea For Evening Affairs

In every domestic household, evening tea is like a ritual. A cup of tea, along with some snacks and a good conversation, is all you would want after a long day. You can have it while discussing politics, gossiping, and storytelling. Evening tea is the easiest way to bond with your family members and get to know them well. You can also have it after your evening walk. Masala tea would be the best for any evening affairs at home.

Tea For Making New Friendship

You can really bond over a cup of tea, even with a stranger. While at a roadside tea stall, you’ll find many strangers debating trivial matters. You can make new friends just by being a part of their conversation or joining them for a debate. You can also bond with someone you’ve lost touch with, such as friends, classmates, colleagues, etc.

Wrapping Up

By now, you must have understood the importance of tea in every Indian household. Not only is it aromatic, delicious, and cheap, but it is also healthy. Herbal and ginger tea are some of the best variations to improve your health. You can also bond with someone over a cup of tea. So make sure you use this information about tea and make the most of your Indian experience.

Panchayiti Over Chai

Panchayiti Over Chai

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