Gadar 2 Teaser Review: “Pakistan Ka Damad”

The highly awaited Gadar 2 teaser in released in theaters

Sunny Deol returns to the big screen as Tara Singh in the movie ‘Gadar 2’. The producers of the new film have cleverly attached its teaser to the 2001 film, creating excitement among the audience. During the premiere of ‘Gadar’ in Delhi, the theaters were packed with fans enthusiastically cheering for Tara Singh. The audience couldn’t contain their excitement throughout the screening of the old film, particularly during the famous handpump scene. However, the enthusiasm reached its peak when the teaser for ‘Gadar 2’ appeared towards the end.

In the teaser, Sunny reprised his iconic character as Tara Singh, and the filmmakers establish a strong India vs. Pakistan storyline. Within a short span of time, we witness the intense Tara Singh, adored by the audience. However, emotions take over as a tragedy occurs, accompanied by the familiar slow music of ‘Ud Ja Kale Kawa’ in the background. Tara is shown with tears in his eyes and folded hands, sitting near what appears to be graves. The teaser promises to deliver the same grandeur, energy, and excitement that was experienced 23 years ago when ‘Gadar’ was released.

Gadar 2 Release

Directed by Anil Darshan, ‘Gadar 2’ is scheduled to release on August 11. Apart from action and emotional scenes, the film also promises a touch of humor and sarcasm, as indicated by a female voice in the background saying, “He is a son-in-law of Pakistan, give him a coconut, put a tikka on him… otherwise, this time he will take Lahore in dowry.”

The teaser only provides a glimpse of Sunny’s character, and neither Ameesha Patel nor any other familiar faces from the 2001 film appear in ‘Gadar 2’. The film is expected to dominate the Box Office, at least according to the hints given in the teaser. Stay tuned to this space for all the latest updates on ‘Gadar 2’!

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