OMG 2 Movie Review : Pankaj Tripathi and Akshay Kumar Share A Message

Amit Rai crafts a compelling movie featuring Pankaj Tripathi and Akshay Kumar contains a well-balanced amount of humor and a social message.

Movie Review: OMG 2

Director of the Movie:
Amit Rai

The cast of the movie: Yami Gautam, Pankaj Tripathi, Akshay Kumar, Pavan Malhotra

Writer of the Movie: Amit Rai

Release Date: August 11

Released In: Theaters

OMG 2 Movie Review: First Impression

When a movie attempts to convey a message without sacrificing entertainment value, it is a dangerous road to travel. The delicate balance that Amit Rai’s “OMG 2” walks between sex education and Akshay Kumar’s superstardom appears in the film.

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Plot of the Movie

Why is sex education still prohibited in schools in a nation overflowing with sex and porn? Many people believe India to be the home of the Kamasutra: why do Indian parents and educators avoid having open conversations about sex with children? These arguments come across in OMG 2 with humor, which prevents the movie from getting too expository and keeps it extremely enjoyable.

Story of the Movie

The story follows Kanti Sharan Mudgal (Pankaj Tripathi), a devoted follower of Lord Shiva who owns a pooja shop close to a temple, is a loving husband, an adoring father to two children, and an all-around decent person.

His life gets flipped upside down when his son Vivek (Aarush Verma) gets kicked out of school on the grounds of obscene and vulgar behavior and gets hospitalized due to exhaustion brought on by excessive masturbation (also known as a “selfie”) after a video of him performing the act in the school bathroom went viral online.

Panchayiti Review of the Movie

A court case that requires Kanti to face forces greater than himself and restore his son’s self-respect is what Akshay Kumar, who plays a Shiv devotee, steps in to assist with a divine intention.

With the right amount of humor, wit, and realism, “OMG 2” also has powerhouse acting from a strong ensemble cast, including Pankaj Tripathi as the star. Everyone who plays a role that feels naturally written for these actors, from Kanti’s daughter to the judge regulating the proceedings to his worker, is adeptly cast.

The film’s speed and rhythm never waver, although a crucial subject like sex education hangs over it for the entirety of the running time. Yami Gautam, who portrays the opposing attorney representing the school, is an excellent actor. There isn’t a single actor in the movie whose acting skills don’t blow you away.

Throughout the movie, Akshay Kumar maintains that sly smile and twinkle in his eye. His interactions with Tripathi are a standout. It is truly remarkable how Rai has addressed the stigma and taboo surrounding sex education.

However, the second half, particularly the last 20 to 30 minutes, feels jumbled and a little too stretched. Sometimes the courtroom scenes are boring, and the dialogue breaks are too long.

Final Verdict

‘OMG 2’ is a movie that has the perfect balance. In other words, it achieves being an entertaining message-giver. Fans of Akshay Kumar will be in for a real treat as the actor gives one of his best performances to date.

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