Gadar 2 vs. OMG 2: Sunny Deol’s roar is nearly five times louder than Akshay Kumar’s

Barbie and Oppenheimer’s fight in Hollywood last month generated buzz, and Bollywood is ready to face OMG 2 vs Gadar 2 at the box office on the 11 of this month. OMG2 faced censorship challenges before receiving the “A-Adults Only” certification, but it has received positive media coverage. Gadar 2 dominates the box office, with Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel making 1.55 crores in revenue. OMG2’s success could change if it raises awareness and sparks conversations among Bollywood fans. It’s still unclear whether these films stay true to their cult classic originals or whether a reboot would be worthwhile.

Sunny Deol’s scream is almost five times stronger than Akshay Kumar’s in Gadar 2 compared to OMG 2

Reservations are increasing, and Gadar 2 is in the lead with seven days left. While Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2 isn’t performing as well, Gadar 2’s Day 1 booking seems to be picking up steam.

Gadar 2 vs. OMG 2

Barbie and Oppenheimer had one of Hollywood’s most notable fights of 2023 last month. As moviegoers chose their side, there was a buzz, and the globe appeared pink and black. Bollywood will soon experience an identical event as OMG 2 and Gadar 2 square off at the box office on August 11. But who is winning the race for reservations? Check it out in this article.

“Any media coverage is beneficial publicity”

OMG2, Oh My God 2 experienced a challenging censorship process before receiving the “A-Adults Only” certification. Although the genre is somewhat divisive, as the saying goes, “Any media coverage is beneficial publicity.” On the other hand, Gadar 2 transports us to the universe of Tara and Sakeena, which unfolds during the 1947 Indian partition.

The genre will undoubtedly bring back some painful memories, but the effect appears positive as BMS has significantly more likes than the Akshay Kumar-starring film.

Day 1 reservations at the box office

Gadar 2’s Day 1 booking appears to be picking up steam, but Akshay Kumar’s OMG 2 isn’t doing as well. Reservations are starting to increase with seven days left, and Gadar 2 is currently dominating the field by a wide margin. The film starring Sunny Deol and Ameesha Patel has already made 1.55 crores in revenue, whereas OMG 2 is off to a poor start with only 32 lacs.

There is exactly one week left, and things could completely change if OMG 2 makes serious efforts to raise awareness and spark conversations among Bollywood fans. Only time will tell! Whether these films maintain honesty to their cult classic versions or whether they were worth a reboot.

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