Controversy breaks out over the MI skipper’s suspicious wicket

Huge controversy broke out as MI supporters accused Samson of acting suspiciously, leading to Rohit’s firing and criticism of the umpires
Social media erupted during Mumbai’s innings after Samson’s dubious actions were brought up on Twitter during Rohit’s dismissal.

Victory matters, at last

A victory is ultimately what counts. The way MI did it on Sunday night at the Wankhede, in what was the 1000th IPL match, was quite spectacular, with the home team erupting in cheers just after Tim David hit three straight sixes to secure a six-wicket victory over RR. Even so, there was a social media uproar during Mumbai’s innings when RR captain Samson’s suspicious actions were called out on Twitter and the umpires were criticized for the dismissal of his MI counterpart Rohit Sharma.

IPL 2023: MI vs RR

IPL 2023: MI vs RR

Fans Expected Big From Rohit Sharma on His Birthday

As Mumbai started their at-home pursuit of 213 runs, it was Rohit’s 36th birthday, and he hoped to go big with a memorable knock. But Sandeep Sharma dismissed the captain in the second over, ending his innings before it began.

Rohit Sharma’s controversial wicket

The pacer threw a knuckleball, and Rohit attempted to deflect it to the off side by moving to the back foot but was fooled by the velocity and failed to make contact as the delivery kissed the top of the off. After standing there and gazing at the stumps for a moment, Rohit, who had made three runs off five balls, was stunned by the method of the dismissal and made his way back to the pavilion.

The dismissal of Rohit isn’t fair

A little while after Rohit’s dismissal, sharp-eyed followers on Twitter pointed out that it wasn’t fair. A close-up of the stumps was shown in a social media video, and it appeared that the ball had struck the bail on top of the off stump, shaking it and turning it red, but it hadn’t fallen off the stumps.

It was only a few seconds after Samson had picked up the ball after it had struck the stumps that it appeared as though the bails had been moved by the tiniest touch of the wicketkeeper’s gloves.

Mumbai lost a significant wicket early in their chase, but neither Rohit nor the umpire sought to review it. It wasn’t until after the fact that fans brought it up on Twitter.

About Match

After Rohit was dismissed early on, Ishan Kishan attempted to lead Mumbai’s chase in the powerplay before Cameron Green joined him with his 44-run knock. Suryakumar Yadav, who was on his way to a 55-run knock, smashed Kuldeep Sen for 20 runs in one over, which marked Mumbai’s turnaround. Tim David’s amazing 14-ball 45 helped MI win the chase by 213 with three balls remaining after that.

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