His ego is bigger than “Ravana,” Wrestlers respond to MP’s allegation

Protesting wrestlers retaliated against the head of the WFI over the claim of “tutoring” by saying, “…bigger than Ravana”

Sunday marked the conclusion of a week-long protest by wrestlers against Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh.

Vinesh compared Brij’s ego with “Ravana”

Vinesh Phogat compared Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh’s ego to that of the character Ravana from the epic Ramayana as top wrestlers retaliated against him for his accusations that they were attempting to seize control of the Wrestling Federation of India.

Wrestlers Protest

Wrestlers have been protesting for a week, demanding that the Center released the findings of the panel formed to investigate Singh’s allegations of sexual harassment.

On Sunday, Delhi Police gave security to female wrestlers by the Supreme Court’s order, including a young girl who had reported sexual harassment to Singh. According to the news agency, the complainants have been urged to record their statements as soon as possible to allow for further case investigation.

BJP MP Singh’s statement

Singh had earlier on Sunday claimed that wrestler Bajrang Punia and Congressman Deepender Hooda were involved in a plot against him. In addition to accusing opposition parties of “tutoring” the players, Singh, who was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing female wrestlers, praised former UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav for avoiding the protest and “standing with the truth” by not joining it.

Bajrang Punia’s statement

In response to the wrestlers’ protest at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar in response to Singh’s accusations, Punia pleaded with the media to withhold coverage of Singh until he has been cleared by the courts.

“In comparison to the players, the media is more supportive of Brij Bhushan. His criminal history is plain to see. Is there a criminal history among the athletes in this room or those from other sports?” Punia told the media.

“He is interrogating the athletes who received medals on behalf of the nation. How many individuals win Olympic medals, and how many go on to become MPs in this nation? There are only about 40 Olympic medalists to date, and thousands of people have been elected to the House of Representatives,” the medalist said.

Vinesh Phogat’s statement

Vinesh Phogat, who has won two World Championship medals, said Singh’s accusation that they are involved in politics is unfounded.

“We have no political affiliations. We speak from the heart, and it resonates, which is why so many people are here supporting us,” she said.

“I inquire how such a criminal can be given a platform. What do you think? He’s still grinning as he speaks and says things. He has a bigger ego than Ravana,” according to Phogat.

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“If the Supreme Court rules in favor of him, you guys can garland him. He has abused female athletes, and for that, he is getting praise. I ask you to refrain from giving him that stage,” she continued.

Punia stated that if Singh is detained, they will discuss the matter with the Khap leaders and other supporters they have and proceed with their decision regarding the agitation.

The Trinamool Congress, the Congress, the Left, and the AAP are just a few political parties that have backed the protesting wrestlers.

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