Pre-election polling in Karnataka indicates a definite victory for the Congress

Pre-election polling in Karnataka indicates a definite victory for the Congress; the BJP labels it bogus

Elections in Karnataka: According to the pre-election poll, the BJP will win over 57 to 65 seats in the upcoming Assembly elections, while the Congress will secure a comfortable majority with 134 to 140 seats.

Pre-election polling in Karnataka indicates a definite victory for the Congress

Pre-election polling in Karnataka indicates a definite victory for the Congress

Pre-poll survey

The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) will be easily defeated in the upcoming Karnataka assembly elections, according to a pre-election survey conducted by the Kannada media outlet Eedina. Yogendra Yadav of Swaraj India shared a pre-election poll, to which BJP leaders reacted and called it fake.

The results of the pre-poll survey are as follows

According to pre-election forecasts, the BJP will win more than 57–65 seats from the 104 seats in the 2018 Assembly elections, while the Congress is expected to win a comfortable majority with 134–140 seats from the 80 seats.

The Congress will be in the lead over the BJP by 10% of the vote. According to projections, the BJP will receive 33% of the vote, compared to 43% for the Congress.

Region-wise results of the survey

Regarding seats by region, the pre-poll mega survey also predicted that Congress would win Hyderabad Karnataka (31–37 seats), Mumbai Karnataka (40–46 seats), Southern Karnataka (26–32 seats), and Bangalore (16–20 seats).

Pre-election polling results for the BJP indicated that the party would only win 2-4 seats in Hyderabad Karnataka, but that it would hold a majority there with 10–14 seats, compared to the Congress’ predicted 5–9 seats, in Coastal Karnataka. In Central Karnataka, the BJP is also predicted to hold 19–23 seats, compared to 3–4 seats for the Congress, according to the pre-election poll.

Reactions by the BJP to the pre-election poll

The BJP criticized the results of a pre-election poll for the upcoming Karnataka elections and labeled it a hoax poll in a retweet of Yadav’s post.

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Yogendra Yadav was attacked by Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar, who referred to him in the pre-election poll, and the politician as fakes.

It was referred to as a “cooked up” survey by BJP National Secretary BL Santhosh. He said in a tweet that it was “amazing” that Yogendra Yadav had time to create surveys to appease his bosses amid his padayatras and protests.

CVoter pre-poll predictions

An earlier poll by CVoter predicted a resounding victory for the Congress party. That poll showed that the party would win 115–127 seats, while the BJP would win 68–80 seats and the JD-S would win 23–35.

It was also revealed that 57% of people were upset with the way the government was acting at the time.

Performance of Congress in the Past

As one of the major political forces in Karnataka, Congress has frequently formed the state’s governments. With only 80 seats out of 224 available in the assembly, the party suffered a significant loss in 2008. However, it made a comeback in 2013 and secured 122 seats to secure a majority. It obtained 80 seats in the previous election and joined the JD(S) in a coalition government that ended in 2019. It is currently the state’s primary opposition party.

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023 voting will take place on May 10, and results will be made public on May 13.

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