Karnataka Elections: Latest Pre Poll Predict Sound Victory For Congress

Pre-election data predicts that Cong will win convincingly in Karnataka

With only four weeks until the day of voting, a pre-poll analysis carried out by “Lok Poll” predicts that Congress will prevail with an effortless triumph in the approaching Karnataka assembly election of 2023.

According to the survey, Congress has improved its position since a similar survey in February, while the BJP has decreased in numbers.

Pre-poll survey 2.0 in Karnataka

According to the “Lok Poll” opinion poll, the Congress will win 128–131 seats with a vote share of 42–45%, based on a survey of more than 65,000 respondents from across the state’s various districts.

The BJP is predicted to win between 66 and 69 seats with a vote share of 30 to 33%, while the JDS is expected to win between 21 and 25 seats with a vote share of 15 to 18%, and others could win between 1 and 4 seats with a vote share of 6 to 9%.

The samples came from 65,000 people.

The mega survey in Karnataka by Lok Poll
Following our extended survey until the end of March, we present you with the most recent numbers for #Karnatakaelections2023.

Projected seats

BJP 66 – 69
INC 128 – 131
JD(S) 21 – 25
Others 0 – 2

The samples came from 65,000 people.

According to the pre-election poll, the BJP is expected to perform well in Kittur and coastal Karnataka, but it is expected to suffer significant losses in central Karnataka, which it swept in the 2018 state assembly elections.

Region-wise prediction

Thanks to our thorough ground survey in #Karnataka, we can project zone-wise data through the final week of March.
Tomorrow, we will start releasing information about each zone. Afterward, we will release opinions from various cohorts.
Keep an eye out!

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Lok Poll posted it on their official account.

BJP is most likely to maintain its dominance in the Kittur, Karnataka region, with 21–23 seats, Congress with 26–28, and JDS with a single seat.

It is predicted that Congress will win a maximum of 27 to 30 seats in the Kalyana Karnataka region as well. The predicted results for the BJP are 8–11, JDS 0–2, and others 0–2.

In Bengaluru, the predicted results for the Congress are 22–24, BJP 9–11, and JDS 1–4.

The incumbent BJP is anticipated to perform well in coastal Karnataka, winning 14–16 seats, followed by the Congress with 8–10 seats and the JDS with zero.

BJP is anticipated to win 10–12 seats in central Karnataka, Congress 9–11 seats, and JDS 0 seats.
The Lok Poll opinion poll forecast that the BJP would likely gain ground and win 9–11 seats in the Old Mysuru region, while the Congress would win a maximum of 27–30 seats and the JDS might win 20–22 seats. The JD(S) won up to 27 seats in the 2018 Assembly elections, compared to the 17 and 11 seats won by the Congress and BJP, respectively, in the same region.

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