Tejas Teaser: Reveals the Empowering Story of Female Pilots in the Air Force

Kangana Ranaut is ready to star in her next film, Tejas, which stars her as Air Force Pilot Tejas Gill. The film aims to uplift and foster national pride in India by showcasing the bravery of the Indian Air Force’s pilots. The Indian Air Force has introduced a program to recruit female fighter pilots since 2016, with 16 women expected to fly fighter jets by 2022. The teaser for Tejas promises a thrilling journey and national pride, with a crowd-pleasing dialogue. October 8 will witness the release of the film’s trailer. The film is directed by Sarvesh Mewara and produced by Ronnie Screwvala.

Tejas teaser tells the empowering tale of female Air Force pilots

In her upcoming film Tejas, Kangana Ranaut portrays Tejas Gill, one of India’s first female fighter pilots.

Kangana Ranaut is ready with Tejas

Following her performance as Chandramukhi in Chandramukhi 2 alongside Raghava Lawerance, actress Kangana Ranaut is ready to soar with her next movie, Tejas, in which she portrays Air Force Pilot Tejas Gill. The makers announced the film’s release date along with the teaser on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti. The movie will premiere on 27 of this month in theatres.

The outstanding journey of Air Force pilot Tejas Gill

The film, which centers on the remarkable journey of Air Force pilot Tejas Gill, aims to uplift and foster an intense feeling of national pride in every Indian by showcasing how the pilots of the Indian Air Force relentlessly safeguard our country while overcoming numerous obstacles.

The recruitment of female fighter pilots

The Indian Air Force first introduced a program in 2016 to recruit female fighter pilots; in 2022, it became a permanent initiative. In the initial batch, there were only three female fighter pilots, but as time went on, their numbers grew. According to reports, 16 women will reportedly fly fighter jets like the Rafale, Su30 MKI, and MiG 21 Bison by 2022.

About “Tejas”

The “Tejas” teaser promises a thrilling journey and conveys national pride. It also features crowd-pleasing dialogue like “Bharat ko chhedoge to chhodenge nahin.” October 8 will see the release of the movie’s trailer. Sarvesh Mewara is the director, and Ronnie Screwvala is the producer of Tejas.

About Emergency

Additionally, Kangana Ranaut will appear in Emergency, where she will portray Indira Gandhi. The movie will depict one of the darkest periods in Indian politics, when the former prime minister declared a state of Emergency, restricting citizens’ rights and, among other things, arresting her political rivals.

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