The Great Indian Family Trailer: Vicky Kaushal Stars in a Family Drama

The Great Indian Family, a family drama starring Vicky Kaushal, had trailer release by Yash Raj Films. The trailer features Bhajan Kumar, a man who struggles to find a date due to his family’s pandit community. Bhajan Kumar is shocked by a letter stating he might be a Muslim and must confront his family to prove his innocence. Fans have praised Kaushal’s performance, with some describing it as “the biggest confusion of the year.” The first song from the film, “Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aaja,” was released recently.

Bhajan Kumar, played by Vicky Kaushal in the film The Great Indian Family, might be a Muslim

In this family drama, Vicky Kaushal co-stars with Manushi Chillar as his identity gets jeopardized by the truth.

The Great Indian Family trailer

The Great Indian Family, Vicky Kaushal’s upcoming film, now has a trailer available. The family drama’s trailer, which was written and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, came out on Tuesday by the production company Yash Raj Films. The movie’s scheduled September 22 release features Manushi Chillar as well.

About the trailer

Vicky Kaushal’s Bhajan Kumar enters the small town of Balarampur, where the trailer opens. He introduces himself as Ved Vyas Tripathi and sings Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aja. He provides a glimpse of his family, members of the long-established pandit community in Balarampur.

However, he continues to whine about how his only issue was that he couldn’t find anyone to date because girls would touch his feet to ask for blessings. Vicky tries to make a good impression on Manushi Chillar’s character as she arrives in his town. From this point forward, everything goes without incident until Bhajan Kumar challenges and claims that even God’s sense of humor is too unpredictable to have taken for granted.

He reads a letter that states he might be a Muslim and seems shocked. Soon, he gets engulfed by issues and confusion, and Bhajan Kumar must confront his family to make his case. The tagline for the movie claims that it is “the biggest confusion of the year,” even though the trailer doesn’t reveal anything more.

Fans reaction

A viewer’s response to the trailer was:
# “Vicky’s screen existence is attractive. He effortlessly carries you along with the story.”

# “Total heartbreaker! I struggle to get through how fantastic Vicky appears in this role,” another person wrote.

# “Vicky’s smile is contagious, and it illuminates up throughout the trailer,” a fan exclaimed.

Kanhaiya Twitter Pe Aaja, the first song from the film, came out a few weeks ago. Vicky Kaushal appeared dancing on stage while the audience applauded him.

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