Top 10 Terrible Blunders in Adipurush

The lavish production and compelling plot of the 500 Crore movie Adipurush fell short of expectations. A boycott advocacy campaign has become more well-known as a result. Fans express their dissatisfaction and criticism of the film on social media. The elements that fans found offensive are listed here, Lord Ram’s appearance, Ravan’s hair with spikes, The ridiculous dialogues of Lord Hanuman, the unreal appearance of Lord Hanuman, the tapori dialogues of Ravan, and many more. Out of the many serious problems with the film here we jot down top 10 terrible blunders in Adipurush.

Top 10 Terrible Blunders in Adipurush That Angered Fans

Adipurush, the long-awaited Om Raut film, is now available to watch. Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan are just a few of the many A-list celebrities who appear in the film. Fans flocked to theatres in record numbers to witness the superb performances of their favorite actors in this epic drama. Expectations were sky-high thanks to a fantastic reservation.

It appears, though, that it has fallen short of its grand scale and the legend that is the Ramayana. It’s because a wave of negative reviews has taken over Twitter and other social media platforms.

Adipurush fell short of the extremely high standards

Adipurush, a film with a 500 crore budget, fell short of the standards set by its lavish production and compelling story. As a result, a boycott advocacy campaign has gained popularity. Through social media, fans share their criticism of the movie and their disappointment.

Following are the top 10 blunders that many fans found offensive:

1) The appearance of Lord Ram
The portrayal of Lord Ram in the film has sparked controversy among viewers who believe he looks more like Jesus than a Hindu deity, sparking contentious arguments and discussions on social media.

2) Spiked hair of Raavan
Ravan’s hairstyle, which created critique for resembling cricket player Virat Kohli’s, was another source of fan disagreement. The viewers did not like this resemblance because they thought it diminished the character’s authenticity.

3) The tapori dialogues of Raavan
Viewers criticized some of Saif Ali Khan’s delivery of Ravan’s dialogue as being cringe-inducing and tapori.

4) Lord Hanuman’s wierd appearance
Hanuman’s creative decision to mimic the traditional depiction of the god by holding air in his mouth has drawn criticism for being unrealistic and taking away from the character’s authenticity.

5) The cheesy cheap dialogues of Lord Hanuman
There was dissatisfaction among viewers as a result of Lord Hanuman’s dialogues being deemed “subpar” and disrespectful, especially during the Lanka Dahan scene.

6) Greetings from Lord Hanuman
The way that Lord Hanuman greeted people now resembles Black Panther’s “Wakanda forever” motion when he first met Sita.

7) The tattooed physique of Indrajit
Indrajit’s portrayal in the movie as a tattooed Viking relied on focus on the noticed contradiction with the character’s historical portrayal, and the film’s creators faced critique for it.

8) The relationship between Ram and Sita
Due to its exaggeration of specific elements for a sensuous effect, the depiction of Ram and Sita’s connection drew criticism.

9) Terrible history assignments
Netizens called consideration a historical error in the movie, raising questions regarding the film’s compliance with the initial Ramayana storytelling.

10) Bad choice of costumes
Poor outfits decisions that were deemed historically incorrect for the Ramayana era brought about critique for the movie.

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