12 Thousand New Covid Cases Reported In India

According to the website of the health ministry, the death toll from Covid-19 has risen to 531,300, following an increase of 42 deaths. The national Covid-19 recovery rate is currently at 98.66%.

According to the Union health ministry, India has reported 12,193 new Covid-19 cases within a 24-hour period, leading to a rise in the number of active cases to 67,556. The death toll from the viral disease has also increased to 5,31,300 with 42 additional fatalities, including 10 that were reconciled by Kerala. These numbers are slightly higher than the previous day, which recorded 11,692 new Covid-19 infections on Friday.

The total number of Covid cases in India has reached 4,48,81,877. The active cases represent only 0.15% of the total cases, and the national recovery rate for Covid-19 is 98.66%, as per the health ministry’s website. The number of people who have recovered from the disease has increased to 4,42,83,021, while the case fatality rate is recorded at 1.18%.

According to the news agency PTI, Saurabh Bharadwaj, Delhi’s Health Minister, stated that the number of Covid cases in the national capital has stabilized and is likely to decrease in the upcoming days. He also mentioned that many recent coronavirus-related deaths in Delhi were caused by comorbidities and that Covid was only incidental. Although he added that any death is regrettable and should be avoided.

According to a letter from Rajesh Bhushan, the secretary of the Union Health and Family Welfare Ministry, Uttar Pradesh has seen a rise in weekly Covid cases from 279 to 696. Bhushan has urged states like Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, Haryana, and Delhi to remain vigilant against complacency that could undo the gains made in pandemic management so far.

He also noted that while hospitalization and death rates from Covid-19 have remained low, states or districts with higher numbers of cases may indicate a possible localized spread of the infection, necessitating closer attention and the need to institute public health measures to control and contain surges in the initial stages.

The letter emphasized the importance of the state health department taking immediate and efficient health measures, with a particular focus on enhancing surveillance in all districts, monitoring trends in influenza-like illness and SARI, ensuring an adequate level of testing, particularly in emerging hotspots, increasing samples for genome sequencing, and strengthening hospital infrastructure.

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